Ayothaya Dungeon Entrance Quest

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Ayothaya Dungeon Entrance Quest
Base Level: None
Job Level: None
Item(s) (Consumed): 3 Spool, 1 Hard Carapace, 3 Holy Water, 3 Needle Pouch, 1 Yggdrasil Leaf
Item(s): Holy Threads, Holier Threads, 1 Old Blue Box
Quest Reward(s): Access to maps ayo_fild02, ayo_dun01, and ayo_dun02

1. Temuilah Dusit di daerah pantai Ayothaya (ayothaya 82/132). Dia akan membiacarakan tentang Sa-mhing Tiger, bilang kamu percaya pada hal tersebut. Dia memintamu untuk menemui Boonthom.


2. Boonthom berada di rumah yang berada di atas perairan (ayothaya 65/104). Dia akan meminta beberapa item untuk membuatkanmu Holy Threads.


3. Bawalah item tersebut padanya dan dia akan memberikanmu 7285.png Holy Threads agar kamu diizinkan masuk ke Ayothaya dungeon level pertama.

Pada tahap ini, kamu sudah bisa masuk ke (ayo_fild02) dan (ayo_dun01)

4. Pergilah keluar ke arah timur kota Ayothaya, temuilah seorang kakek bernama Puraim, katakan kamu ingin pergi ke bawah (ayo_fild01 128/197).


5. Go to the temple, and go in.

6. Here you'll find the mapless maze. There's also a drop down pool, avoid walking into these, since they kill you if you fall down them, and you do lose EXP. You'll see 3 possible paths facing North and 3 to the West, the North facing one farthest to the West will cause a popup NPC dialogue to activate and start flashing crosses on the minimap.

7. These are hidden panels along the way, you'll need to press them in order!

  • Note: Using a Fly Wing or Teleporting will cancel the crosses so you'd best have a good memory or reactivate them after each one you find.
  • Note2: If you Teleport around, it is possible that you land in a drop down pool! and then you'll lose experience.

Map of Crosses (Approximate):


Note: The dark zone in center is only a pool of water

Once you activate all 6, return to Boomthon. She will make Holier Threads for you, and asks for these items:

8. After making the Holier Threads, you're able to return to the maze and access level 2!

9. Once you make it down to level 2, head for (268, 107). Talk to the npc tile to be given 1 Old Blue Box.

10. After collecting the Old Blue Box, head back to Boomthon, you will be told that because of your adventurous spirit, you should keep it.