Bowling Bash

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Needs proper Skill Icon Bowling Bash
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Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 10 (Selectable)
Cast Time: 0.7 seconds(Not Interruptible)(reduced by DEX)
Cast Delay: ASPD dependent (Animation delay)
Target: Foe
Range: Melee
Knock Back: 1 cells
Area of Effect: 3 x 3
(Swordman) Bash Lv. 10, Magnum Break Lv. 3, Two-Handed Sword Mastery Lv. 5, (Knight) Twohand Quicken Lv. 10, Counter Attack Lv. 5


Bowling Bash will knock targets backward, causing damage in a 3x3 cell area that hits twice. Bowling Bash cannot be interrupted by attacks. DEX determines cast time while ASPD determines the delay.

1 140% 13
2 180% 14
3 220% 15
4 260% 16
5 300% 17
6 340% 18
7 380% 19
8 420% 20
9 460% 21
10 500% 22


  • The two hits of the skill proc at the same moment but are counted separately, meaning:
    • Skills that have a set number of hit deflection are affected twice.
    • Only the first hit's damage can be doubled by Lex Aeterna.
    • Status effects from cards and special weapons apply for both hits separately.
    • Bonus damage from Fiber Lock and similar skills only apply for the first hit.
  • Even when used with a bow on a Rogue class, the skill is still melee. Hence it is not blocked by Pneuma, and also does not consume arrows.
    • Due to the attack being close range, some effects such as the bonus for equipping a Fire Arrow with Burning Bow will not apply.
  • The knockback effect will move the target into the direction the caster has last moved or faced toward. When turning away from a target and then performing the skill, it results in the opposite effect where the target becomes drawn to the caster.
  • The knockback effect is applied before damage. Due to this, Safety Wall does NOT block the skill.


Bowling Bash is one of two area skills that a Knight can obtain, the other being Brandish Spear. Unlike Brandish Spear, however, Bowling Bash can be used with either a Spear, One Handed Sword, or Two Handed Sword. It does more damage than Brandish, but also has a smaller area of effect. Knights oriented towards PvM generally prefer Bowling Bash over Brandish Spear simply due to it's larger damage.

In PvP situations, Knights may be requested to tank and spread status effects instead of deal damage. For this purpose, Bowling Bash has a small area of effect, making it less efficient for spreading stat effects. Bowling Bash is still able to deal damage, and is useful for knocking back and scattering opponents.


  • There is an invisible grid on every map that reverts the skill to its older self when performed inside it. The grid is present on every cell that is divisible by 40 on the X or Y coordinates, and the five adjecent cells to those.
The old skill's description according to Ro DataZone[1]:
Hits one enemy to start with an ATK modifier of 100% + 50%*Skill Level. The enemy is knocked west up to 4 tiles. "West" is towards the left-hand side of the mini-map. If that enemy hits any other enemies, then the hit becomes a 3x3 tile melee splash attack at that point. During the cast time, character's DEF is reduced to 2/3.
  • Since the Cast Delay is based on ASPD, which is the caster's sprite animation itself basically, engaging a foe that has Shield Reflect turned on, results in the animation to be broken when the caster takes damage. This essentially negates the cast delay, and Bowling Bash can be recasted immediately without much delay, resulting in a very high damage output per second.
  • The skill used to be only limited to hitting a maximum of 11 targets at once, but with the update, it can hit an unlimited amound of targets, as long as they are next to each other.


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