Clashing Spiral

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Needs proper Skill Icon Clashing Spiral
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Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 5, selectable
SP Cost: 15 + (Skill Level × 3)
Cast Time: 0.3~1 second
Cast Delay: 1 + (Skill Level × 0.2) seconds
Target: Enemy
Range: 5 cells
Weapon: Spear or One Handed Sword or Two Handed Sword
(Knight) Pierce Lv. 5, Spear Mastery Lv. 5, Spear Stab Lv. 5

Clashing Spiral (Alt: Spiral Pierce) is a Transcendent 2nd class offensive skill available as Lord Knight and some Mercenaries.


Skewers a single target five times with a spiral technique, where each hit will inflict ranged physical damage. The damage is greatly affected by the weight of the equipped weapon.

Level Base Damage (ATK) Cast Time Cast Delay SP Cost
1 150% 0.3s 1.2s 18
2 200% 0.5s 1.4s 21
3 250% 0.7s 1.6s 24
4 300% 0.9s 1.8s 27
5 350% 1.0s 2.0s 30
Damage = Base_Damage × Floor[Floor(Weapon_Weight ÷ 2) × Skill_Lv + ATK]


  • Despite the animation, all damage is connected in one single bundle.
  • The affected target will be unable to move for one second while the hits of this skill are being inflicted (similar to being "crit locked").
  • This skill has an unique size penalty:
    • Small 125%
    • Medium 100%
    • Large 75%.
  • Damage increasing cards or items that increase the final damage by a relative amount, such as The Sign, affect this skill.
  • Gigantic Lance is the best weapon to use with this skill as weapon weight adds the most damage to date.




  • While this skill usually requires Magic Strings to gain more damage per minute than other skills, a Lexed Gloomy Clashing Spiral can instantly kill many classes.
  • Additionally, it does have many advantages since it can deal so much damage at once. However, there are many cards that will reduce a good portion of damage of this skill. It can also be quickly blocked by Pneuma.
  • A user can endow its weapon with the Wind property and use Marina or Stormy Knight cards to freeze enemies, inflicting further damage when the Wind property damage hits a frozen enemy.


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