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Needs proper Skill Icon Eska
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Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 3
SP Cost: 120 - (Skill Level * 20)
Cast Time: 4 - (Skill Level) seconds
Cast Delay: .5 seconds
Duration: (10 * Skill Level) seconds
Target: Monster
Range: Magic
(Soul Linker) Monk Spirit Lv.1


Force a monster into a status similar to Monk's Mental Strength, in which Movement and Attack Speed is reduced, but Defense and Magic Defense will be temporarily enhanced.


In fact it sets the SoftMDEF of the monster to 90 and increases the SoftDEF by an unknown factor. Also works on boss protocol monsters.

Like all Es Skills, this can be only casted on monsters. Using this on other players causes the skill to fail and the caster to be stunned.

Level 1 2 3
Cast Time (sec) 3 2 1
Duration (sec) 10 20 30
SP Cost 100 80 60


  • Use on high INT monsters (i.e. Kasa, Margaretha Sorin) to multiply Esma damage on them.
  • As supporter, use it on high DEF monsters to increase effectiveness of Occult Impaction or Ice Pick attacks.
Soul Linker
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