Excruciating Palm

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Needs proper Skill Icon Excruciating Palm
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Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 1
SP Cost: 20
HP Cost: 10
Cast Delay: 2 seconds
Target: Enemy
Range: Melee
Knock Back: 5 cells
Area of Effect: 3 x 3
Status: Stun
Status Icon: Berkas:I Stun.png
(Monk) Spiritual Bestowment Lv. 1 and a Quest

Excruciating Palm (Alt: Ki Explosion) is a 2nd class offensive skill available as Monk and Champion. This skill can only be learned through a certain quest.


Strikes a single target with a focused blast of energy that will inflict 300% physical damage. All enemies within the Area of Effect except the target will be pushed 5 cells backwards and there is a 70% chance of leaving them stunned for 2 seconds.


  • This skill is not affected by Relative ATK such as Hydra Card.
  • This skill does full damage to plants and special monsters that would usually only receive 1 damage, allowing for quick defeat of such monsters, whether this is a glitch or not is unknown.

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