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This article is about the Substat. For the Monk skill, see Flee (Skill).


Flee is a character's ability to avoid being hit by regular attacks and most melee skills. The more Flee a character has, the less likely they will be hit by an attack. Generally considered to be the counterpart to DEF/VIT. Flee does not affect being hit with some magic attacks and some skills. Flee is determined by (Level + AGI).

Being attacked by more than two monsters decreases your Flee by 10% per every additional monster. This reduction is counted before adding Flee from Skills that directly add Flee (ie. Thief's Improve Dodge). This means that if you are attacked by 4 monsters and your Flee is 150, your Actual Flee would be 120 assuming that you don't have any Flee from any skills directly. This also means that if you're attacked by more than 11 monsters at the same time, they will always hit you regardless of your Flee.


Formula untuk menghitung Flee yang sebenarnya adalah:

Actual Flee = Skill Bonus + [Level + AGI + Item Bonus] * [1 - ((Mobs -2) * 0.1)]

  • Item Bonus diperoleh dari Items atau Cards
  • Skill Bonus adalah bonus yang diberikan langsung dari Skills
  • Mobs adalah jumlah musuh yang sedang menyerang anda saat itu juga.

Classes which usually benefit the most from (higher) Flee are:

Dodge Calculation

Dodge Rate(%) = 100% - (Attacker Hit + 80 - Defenders Flee) ("Attackers Hit" also applies for monsters as (Baselevel + DEX))

Dodge Rate cannot be lower than 0% and not higher than 95% (except during WoE siege)


Of course, builds will vary on the amount of Flee they end up with, so do not take this list to be true all of the time. Many characters will instead benefit more from DEF/VIT rather than flee. Cards which add to Flee include:

Cards which affect AGI also affect Flee, but due to there being such a large amount they aren't included here.