Flying Kick

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Needs proper Skill Icon Flying Kick
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Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 7
SP Cost: (80 - (Skill level*10))
Cast Time: None
Cast Delay: Atkspd
Target: Foe
Range: 10 cells
Stance: None or Tumbling


This is the most unique of the TaeKwon Kid's kicks, as the user doesn't necessarily have to be in a stance. Flying Kick allows the TaeKwon to Snap to the enemy when used. The damage depicted in the table below is the damage that occurs when the player selects the target.

Level SP Cost Attack
1 70 40%
2 60 50%
3 50 60%
4 40 70%
5 30 80%
6 20 90%
7 10 100%


  • Flying Kick can also be used while in the Tumbling status. If used then, it will automatically attack the enemy who caused the Tumbling status, and damage will increase based on the users Base Level.
  • Flying Kick's damage is greatly increased when performed in Sprint
  • It can dispell positive statuses bestowed by Soul Linker's Ka Skills and Spirit statuses bestowed by Soul Linkers or the benefits of skills granted by the aforementioned Spirit statuses.
    • The dispelling effect works even if the attack misses the target.
  • Stalkers can become immune to the dispelling effects of the kick by casting Preserve.
  • Soul Linkers are also innately immune to the dispelling effects.
  • Soul Linkers cannot use this skill.
  • Berserk Potions are dispelled by Flying Kick (but not concentration/awakening potions)
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