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Job Base(s): Novice
Job Type: Extended
Race: Human
Changes At: Einbroch
Number of Skills: 22
Total Skill Points: 133
Total Quest Skills: 0
Job Bonuses
+4 +1 +1 +2 +9 +7


Gunslingers are flashy and confident New Age warriors that rely on a wide array of guns and powerful skills to deal as much damage as possible in a short amount of time to their enemies. Gunslingers are always looking for a chance to show off their talent.

Bored with only target practice in smoggy Einbroch, gunslingers have decided to take up adventuring, like so many from the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom, in order to live a life of excitement and fame.

Unlike traditional classes, Gunslingers are allowed 70 job levels. This can allow for a range of very unique (hybrid and specialized) skill sets in the Gunslinger tree.

Job Change Guide

See Gunslinger Job Change Guide for information.

Renewal Builds

DEX / AGI Pistols

starting stats : 1 , 9 , 1 , 9 , 9 , 1

Base stats at level 99 :

  • STR: 1
  • AGI: 99 - to increase attack speed and flee rate
  • VIT: 1
  • INT: 9
  • DEX: 99 - to increase damage and accuracy
  • LUK: 1

Although revolvers deal a limited amount of damage per shot, they can reach extremely high attack speeds ( ASPD ) . The skill Chain Action gives revolver wielding Gunslingers the chance to attack twice per hit at a 50% chance. This further increases the number of hits per second. Focusing strongly on AGI, this build relies heavily on Flee as it's main source of defense and equipment to further this, such as using a Whisper Card.

  • Chain Action: An essential skill for Dex/Agi builds. This skill gives the user a 50% chance to attack twice with each hit.
  • Last Stand: This is an optional skill for Dex/Agi builds. It gives the user +100 ATK and +20% ASPD for 15 seconds and consumes 4 coins ( see Coin Flip ) . This skill can greatly compensate for the handguns' lower attack power.

( equipment to increase attack power , attack speed and flee is recommended for this build )

DEX / VIT / INT Desperado ( also including shotgun info )

starting stats : 1 , 1 , 1 , 9 , 9 , 9

Base stats at level 99 :

  • STR: 1
  • AGI: 1
  • VIT: 79 - to increase defense and hp
  • INT: 52 - to increase sp and sp regen
  • DEX: 99 - to increase damage and accuracy
  • LUK: 9

This build is very similar in it's play style to a Grand Cross Crusader. The goal, when using this build, is to gather a mob of several monsters at once and kill them together using the Desperado skill. This build relies on VIT as opposed to AGI because Flee is an ineffective way to defend against anything more than 1 or 2 monsters at a time. Having a small amount of INT will help give you the SP needed for all the required skill spamming. Desperado hits the target multiple times so using cards that allow you to inflict status ailments such as Savage Bebe for Stun or Mandragora for Curse can be highly effective.

Being a skill-spamming build with enough int to keep your SP in the black , this build also opens itself up to the use of a shotgun. Sacrifices may have to be made as far as skills are concerned but by including some shotgun skills with your build , you would be giving your gunslinger a second , very different yet very compatible , style of play. The shotgun skill Full Blast , however , is very demanding on your SP. Although having INT in the mid 50's will just about get you by, some players may decide to drop their base DEX a bit in exchange for having more INT; giving a larger SP pool and some more SP regen.

Equipment for this build could include:

  • Raydric Card to decrease damage taken from neutral element attacks by 20%
  • Cards to increase SP such as Willow and Sohee cards
  • Cards to increase HP such as a Pupa card
  • Anything that increases your attack power
  • The Full Blast skill can cause the blind status to the user. Deviruchi Card, stops this. As alternative, there are several middle headgears (Blinker, Dark Blinker, Eye of Darkness) that give you immunity to blind status. Using one of them also frees a possible headgear card slot.

A Ulle's Cap and Odin's Blessing may be useful for their 10% reduction in the SP cost of skills, lowering the cost of Desperado from 50 down to 45. A cheaper, weaker, but nonetheless interesting armor is a Glittering Jacket[1]. Not only can it be carded, it also adds a chance to blind enemies, reducing their Flee and Hit. If you like hazarding your enemies with status ailments, this armor could be interesting.

Lever Action Rifle

starting stats : 1 , 9 , 1 , 9 , 9 , 1

Base stats at level 99 for players who want to use of the Tracking skill :

- this build uses 2x archer skeleton cards

  • STR: 1
  • AGI: 80 - to increase attack speed and flee rate
  • VIT: 1
  • INT: 52 - to increase sp and sp regen
  • DEX: 99 - to increase damage and accuracy
  • LUK: 1

Base stats at level 99 for players who DO NOT want to use the Tracking skill :

- this build uses 2x drosera cards

  • STR: 1
  • AGI: 90 - to increase attack speed and flee rate
  • VIT: 47 - to increase defense and hp
  • INT: 9
  • DEX: 92 - to increase damage and accuracy
  • LUK: 1

Critical hits do 40% more damage than normal hits , which is why some gunslingers may have their eyes on a Lever Action Rifle . This rifle , usable at level 70 and above , increases your Crit by 50 and has 2 card slots . Drosera cards are a popular choice to fill these slots as each drosera card increases your critical rate with ranged attacks by 15 , meaning that if you use 2x drosera cards on your Lever Action Rifle you will already have +80 Crit from your gun alone .

Using a rifle will also allow you to make use of rifle skills , a notable one of which is Wounding Shot . At first glance this skill may appear worthless, but on closer inspection it becomes apparent that this skill will actually be extremely valuable throughout your time as a rifle using gunslinger . The skill's description shows that it deals 200% damage which sounds horrible but, when used with a rifle , actually deals an extra 100% damage for a total of 300% . Because of this , the skill's damage formula is similar to that of an Archer's Double Strafe and even has the powerful bonus of ignoring a target's defense . Archer Skeleton cards or similar % increasing cards would help to improve your damage with wounding shot . Wounding Shot only uses 15 SP .

More information on rifle using gunslingers :

  • Tracking is an extremely powerful skill but, due to it's slow cast time, should only be used on monsters that don't aggro ( attack you on sight before you attack them ) or when in a party where you won't be the one taking hits . Players wanting to improve their Tracking should use 2x archer skeleton cards on their lever action rifle instead of Drosera cards . Archer Skeleton cards increase damage with ranged weapons like guns by 10% each . Tracking uses 60 SP .
  • It is very easy for a Lever Action gunslinger to get around 100% Crit from equipment alone . because of this , no LUK is needed .
  • Critical hits do 40% more damage than normal hits. 1 Crit = 1% chance to do a critical hit . in example: having 60 Crit means that you have a 60% chance of doing a critical hit with each normal attack .
  • You may want to consider getting the Last Stand skill as it will substantially increase your attack power and speed . the downside of getting this skill , however , is the huge number of skill points you will have to spend on getting the pre-requisite skills ( the skills that you must first learn before you can learn last stand ) . this skill is entirely optional .

Spread Shot Launcher

This build is very similar to a Hunter centering around Arrow Shower to level via mobbing. Unbeknownst to many, Spread Shot can be used with Grenade Launchers. The disadvantages include not having as many on demand elements as Hunter arrows and the cost of ammo, requiring a large amount of expensive Grenade Spheres. Spread Shot does not scatter mobs like Arrow Shower, however. Spread Shot also has a wider area of effect at Level 7 (9x9 when maxed) and slightly higher base damage when maxed out. Some Int will be necessary to deal with the SP cost and the short cast time.


Gunslingers can use five different types of guns in order to attack and defeat their enemies. While any Gunslinger can use any type of gun, only certain skills can be used with each type of gun available. All guns are two-handed, so Gunslingers can't make use of shields unless they remove their weapon.


See the Gun page for more detailed info.

­ Pistols

Normally the defacto weapon for Gunslingers, the pistol allows for faster base attack speed at a cost of lower HIT and ATK.


Rifles are stronger than pistols and can come with HIT and CRIT bonuses. However, they are slower (ranking behind Gatling Guns) and are limited in the skills they can work with. To make up for this, the skills that can be performed with a Rifle deal extra damage, compared to when using a Pistol.

Gatling Guns

These electro-mechanical weapons are nearly the same in comparison to pistols, slightly slower but offering no loss of Attack Speed. Gatling Guns are centered around auto attacking, its specialized skills focusing on raising attack and attack speed.


Shotguns are powerful, pump action weapons that provide splash damage on normal attacks, but at the cost of a very slow attack speed.

Grenade Launchers

These monsters pack some of the highest base attack in the game, and allow the use of elemental bullets called "spheres". They have the slowest attack speed of all guns, but they have a chance to break armor at close range.


Gunslingers can only wear armor that states that it can be worn by all, or all except Novice. With Battlegrounds, Gunslingers also get exclusive use of the following:


Currently, Gunslingers can wear any headgear that is wearable by non-transcendent Archer class characters, with the exception of caps, goggles, and binoculars.


Gunslingers cannot use shields while equipped with guns, but if they wish, they can remove the weapon and wear a guard.


Gunslingers can use any footwear equippable by non-transcendent Archer class characters. With Battlegrounds, Gunslingers also get exclusive use of the following:


Gunslingers can use any garment that can be worn by non-transcendent Archer characters. With Battlegrounds, Gunslingers also get exclusive use of the following:


Gunslingers can use any accessory that can be worn by non-trans characters. With Battlegrounds, Gunslingers also get exclusive use of the following:


Skill Description Levels Type Weapon
Berkas:Single Action.png Single Action
The most basic Gunslinger skill. Increases HIT and ASPD when equipped with a gun. 10 Passive -
Berkas:Snake Eyes.png Snake Eyes
Increases HIT and attack range when using guns. 10 Passive -
Berkas:Coin Flip.png Coin Flip
Flips a coin, and upon success, the user will gain a coin. Upon failure, the user loses a coin. 5 Supportive -
Berkas:Increase Accuracy.png Increase Accuracy
Consumes 4 coins to boost the caster's HIT by 20, as well as DEX and AGI by 4 for one minute. 1 Supportive -
Berkas:Last Stand.png Last Stand
Consumes 4 coins to increase the caster's ATK by 100, and ASPD by 15% for one minute. 1 Supportive -
Berkas:Gunslinger's Panic.png Gunslinger's Panic
A buff skill that consumes 2 coins. Reduces HIT by 30, damage dealt by long-range attacks by 20% and increases FLEE by 30. Lasts 20 seconds. 1 Supportive -
Berkas:Bull's Eye.png Bull's Eye
Uses 1 Coin to deal 500% damage to Demi Human and Brute enemies. Has a 0.1% chance to inflict Coma status. 1 Offensive -
Berkas:Triple Action.png Triple Action
Uses 1 coin to shoot an enemy three times, dealing 450% total damage. 1 Offensive -
Berkas:Magical Bullet.png Magical Bullet
Uses 1 coin to launch a Ghost-property attack that does not consume any bullets. 1 Offensive -
Berkas:Cracker.png Cracker
Uses a single coin to Stun an enemy. The closer the enemy, the higher the success rate. 1 Supportive -
Berkas:Coin Fling.png Coin Fling
Use up to 5 coins to deal damage to an enemy while reducing the target's DEF stat. 1 Supportive -
Berkas:Chain Action.png Chain Action
When normally attacking, adds the chance of dealing double damage. 10 Passive Pistols
Berkas:Trigger Happy Shot.png Trigger Happy Shot
Rapidly fires 5 bullets at an enemy. 10 Offensive Pistols
Berkas:Desperado.png Desperado
Sprays a surrounding area full of lead, hitting enemies anywhere from 0 to 10 times. 10 Offensive Pistols
Berkas:Gatling Fever.png Gatling Fever
Greatly boosts ASPD when casted, at the cost of movement speed and Flee. Must be used with a Gatling-type weapon. 10 Supportive Gatling Guns
Berkas:Tracking.png Tracking
Take aim with a Pistol or Rifle on a target to deal significant damage to a target. 10 Offensive Pistols or Rifles
Berkas:Disarm.png Disarm
Aim at an enemy's appendages to reduce their offensive capabilities. 5 Supportive Pistols or Rifles
Berkas:Wounding Shot.png Wounding Shot
Fires a bullet that is capable of piercing defenses while causing the Bleeding status. 5 Offensive Pistols or Rifles
Berkas:Crowd Control Shot.png Crowd Control Shot
Fires a blast strong enough to knock back a target 5 cells. 10 Offensive Shotguns
Berkas:Full Blast.png Full Blast
Sprays a round of 10 bullets at a single target. 10 Offensive Shotguns
Berkas:Spread Shot.png Spread Shot
Cover an area with intense fire. Uses 5 bullets or spheres. 10 Offensive Shotguns or Grenade Launchers
Berkas:Gunslinger Mine.png Gunslinger Mine
Launches a grenade onto the ground that acts like a mine. 10 Offensive Grenade Launchers

Job Bonuses

The bonus to stats given for each job level are listen in the below table.

Job Bonus
Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9
STR 32 41 50 64          
AGI 59                
VIT 60                
INT 52 61              
DEX 1 6 11 17 25 36 45 55 62
LUK 2 4 12 21 31 51 63    


Equip Attack Speed From Novice
Bare Handed 146 −10
Shield -6 +4
Pistol +5 N/A
Rifle -5 N/A
Shotgun -40 N/A
Gatling Gun 0 N/A
Grenade Launcher -50 N/A
ASPD Potions Usable
645.png Concentration
656.png Awakening
657.png Berserk

HP (With 1 VIT)

Level HP
1 40
2 47
3 54
4 61
5 69
6 77
7 85
8 94
9 103
10 202
11 212
12 222
13 232
14 243
15 254
16 265
17 277
18 289
19 301
20 316
Level HP
21 331
22 346
23 364
24 382
25 400
26 420
27 440
28 460
29 490
30 520
31 550
32 580
33 610
34 650
35 680
36 710
37 740
38 770
39 800
40 830
Level HP
41 865
42 890
43 925
44 955
45 990
46 1,025
47 1,050
48 1,080
49 1,110
50 1,145
51 1,180
52 1,215
53 1,275
54 1,335
55 1,395
56 1,455
57 1,515
58 1,575
59 1,635
60 1,695
Level HP
61 1,760
62 1,820
63 1,885
64 1,950
65 2,015
66 2,080
67 2,145
68 2,210
69 2,275
70 2,340
71 2,410
72 2,480
73 2,550
74 2,620
75 2,690
76 2,760
77 2,830
78 2,900
79 2,970
80 3,040
Level HP
81 3,115
82 3,190
83 3,265
84 3,340
85 3,415
86 3,490
87 3,565
88 3,640
89 3,715
90 3,790
91 3,870
92 3,950
93 4,030
94 4,110
95 4,190
96 4,270
97 4,350
98 4,430
99 4,510

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