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Magic Attack is the total magic damage output before factoring magic defense. Your total magic attack is calculated through 3 separate parts: Status MATK, Weapon MATK and Equipment MATK. Each part behaves differently and should only be added together once all the necessary calculations have been made. Unlike ATK, MATK is fully affected by the elements.

The formula for calculating magic attack is the following:

MATK = (StatusMATK + WeaponMATK + EquipMATK) × MATKModifier

Status MATK

Status MATK is derived from the player's Stats and Base Level, most notably from INT. This is the first number you see on the status screen under MATK.


StatusMATK = Floor( BaseLevel ÷ 4 + INT + INT ÷ 2 + DEX ÷ 5 + LUK ÷ 3 )

Weapon MATK

Weapon MATK is derived from player's weapon. This is the only portion in MATK that varies depending on the weapon level and refinement rate. Also WeaponMATK, tends to play the biggest role in your total MATK as it is the easiest to increase.


WeaponMATK = BaseWeaponMATK + Variance + RefinementBonus
  • Variance = ± 0.1 × WeaponLevel * BaseWeaponMATK
  • RefinementBonus = See Refinement Effects.
  • Variance is a random number ranging from (-10% × WeaponLevel × BaseWeaponMATK) to (10% × WeaponLevel × BaseWeaponMATK)

Equipment MATK

Equipment MATK is the sum of MATK gained from equips other than weapons. Any absolute MATK you get from skills and cards, including cards in weapon, is added here.

List of Equipment MATK

MATK Modifier

MATK Modifier is the sum of all Relative Modifiers from weapons, cards, etc., which affect MATK as whole. Relative MATK, whether standalone or against a specific race, stacks additively with their respective group (Group 1, Standalone; Group 2, Racial). These groups then multiply with each other (rounded down to nearest percentage). Relative MATK boost from Mystical Amplification stacks multiplicatively with total Relative MATK boost derived from multiplying Group 1 and Group 2.

For example: equiping a Brynhild, a +12 Kathryne Keyron Carded Red Pom Band, a Ninja Scroll and Level 10 Mystical Amplification, has the following MATK Modifier against Demi Human race:

Group1 = [ 0.1 + 0.02 + 0.01 ] + 1
Group2 = [ 0.16 ] + 1
MA(10) = [ 0.05 × 10 ] + 1
Total  = [ 1.13 × 1.16 × 1.5 ]
Total  = 1.9662

This combination will boost MATK by 96% against Demi Human race.

NOTE: Total Relative MATK boost value doesn't show in the Status Window.

List of MATK Modifiers

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