Mental Charge

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Needs proper Skill Icon Mental Charge
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Type: Active Skill
Levels: 3, fixed
SP Cost: 100
Cooldown: 5 + (Skill level × 5) minutes
Duration: 1 + [(Skill level − 1) × 2] minutes
Target: Self
(Lif) Evolved and Loyal

Mental Charge (Alt: Mental Change) is a Homunculus exclusive active skill available to Lif.


Commands Lif to temporarily swap her mental power, causing her attacks use MATK instead ATK. This skill also increases Lif's VIT by 30 and INT by 20 per skill level. Upon skill effect end, Lif's HP and SP are reduced to 10.

Level VIT Boost INT Boost Duration Cooldown
1 30 20 1m 10m
2 60 40 3m 15m
3 90 60 5m 20m


  • Despite the official description, this skill does not swap Lif's Max SP to Max HP, and her HP and SP aren't fully restored upon activating it.
  • Vaporizing Lif removes the effects of this skill, but it doesn't cause her HP and SP to be reduced to 10, effectively preventing it.
  • The VIT and INT bonuses do not affect Lif's Max HP, Max SP or Aid Potion's healing value, hence, the added VIT affects soft defense only. However, it does affect Healing Hands' healing value.
  • Due to the Homunculi's stat formula, the effect on Lif's MATK has been severely diminished (increases MATK by up to 80 as result). However, the effect on Lif's soft defense was improved (increases Soft DEF by up to 180 as result).

Known Bugs

  • Lif's standard attacks are not using MATK.

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