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Level 5 Earthquake by Orc Lord


  • Magical Multi-Target Splash Attack
  • Levels: 10
  • Target: Self
  • Element: Neutral

Massive neutral element magical damage based on the monsters physical attack power, dealing 3 hits in rapid succession. Each hit is calculated separately, like the skill Water Ball. Damage can be reduced by Raydric and Ghostring cards. The damage dealt is split across all players hit by the skill. Has a visual effect that looks like cracking earth.

Level Area ATK Modifier
1 11x11 300%x3 hits
2 15x15 500%x3 hits
3 19x19 600%x3 hits
4 23x23 800%x3 hits
5 27x27 1000%x3 hits
6 11x11 1200%x3 hits
7 15x15 1300%x3 hits
8 19x19 1500%x3 hits
9 23x23 1600%x3 hits
10 27x27 1800%x3 hits

Reducing Damage

The following skills do not block Earthquake:

The following skills can block one hit of Earthquake:

Note that these skills can only prevent the first hit, leaving them vulnerable for the next two hits.

Cards and equipment that reduce Neutral element or ranged damage can help reduce damage, amongst them:

  • Asprika
  • Deviling Card
  • Ghostring Card
  • Golden Theifbug Card
  • Raydric Card
  • Alligator Card
  • Horn Card
  • Racial reduction cards such as Thara Frog


  • Having the most players possible in the area is ideal, as the damage will be more spread out.
  • When the monster using the skill goes into Power Up, the Earthquake damage is also multiplied by 3x.
  • Wearing a Golden Thiefbug Carded equipment will enable the user to avoid being hit.
  • Damage is recalculated on each of the three hits. If characters die during the first or second hit of Earthquake, the damage of subsequent hits will no longer be divided amongst them.

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