Pet Equipment

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For a list of other NPC items, go to Item Mixing.

Pet Equipment Ingredients NPC and Location Map Location
Steel Chonchon
Hunter Fly
10002.png Monster Oxygen Mask
5004.png 1 Oxygen Mask
Monster Tamer
Inside Aldebaran
(alde_in 168, 175)
10007.png Silk Ribbon
2208.png 1 Ribbon
Baphomet Jr.
10001.png Skull Helm
5017.png 1 Bone Helm
10011.png Stellar Hairpin
2294.png 1 Stellar
10012.png Tiny Egg Shell
5015.png 1 Egg Shell
Orc Warrior
10009.png Wild Flower
2207.png 1 Fancy Flower
705.png 1 Clover
Monster Tamer
Alberta Tool Shop
(alberta_in 173,76)
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