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To easily sort through quests with experience rewards, see Quest Table

Quest Window

The Quest Window

The Quest Window or Quest Journal (Opened via Alt+U) allows the player to view all quests their character has started but not yet completed (Except for instance dungeon quests and Battlegrounds instances, which always remain once started).

To place a quest in the Inactive tab, right click once on it and the name will turn gray. It will then appear on the Inactive tab instead of Active. Right clicking the name again will bring it back to the Active tab. Moving the quest back and forth has no effect on whether you can continue it or not.

Not every quest has a quest window component. Those quests who have quest window walkthroughs can be found in this category as well as by having their infobox in gold. Additionally, the Quest Window guides are not comprehensive, and do not specify the exact coordinates of the next NPC or location the player must visit. It is highly recommended to continue using the wiki guides along with the in-game walkthroughs.

Entry Removal

To remove unwanted event quest entries, talk to the Quest Knight in Prontera (prontera 142, 227).

Current Quests

Headgears and all other items made through NPCs are listed on the Item Mixing page. Quests that are repeatable are italicized. Repeatable quests with a cooldown period have said information on their repesctive pages.

Arc Quests

Note: Arcs reflect what is currently implemented in iRO. The final quests for a given arc may change in future game updates.

God Items

First Quest Final Quest
Stop Metto's Research (5.0) -> God Items Quest (9.0)

The Sign

First Quests Final Quest
Umbala Language Quest (7.0) -> Sign Quest (10.1)
Piano Keys Quest (7.1) ->

Republic of Schwartzvald

First Quest Second Quests Third Quests Final Quest
Factory Quest (10.1) -> Einbroch Murder Quest (10.1) -> President Quest (10.2) -> Rebellion Quest (10.4)
  Biolabs Entrance Quest (10.2) ->
-> Cursed Spirit Quest (10.2) ->
  Odin's Temple Excavation Quest (10.4) ->


First Quest Final Quest
Friendship Quest (10.2) -> Bruspetti Quest (11.1)


First Quest Final Quest
How the Airship Works Quest (10.2) -> Heart Fragment Quest (10.3)
Airship Ticket Quest (10.1)  

Rekenber Victims

First Quest Final Quest
Medicine Quest (10.4) -> Biological Weapon Quest (10.4)

Arunafeltz and Nameless Island

First Quest Second Quest Third Quest Fourth Quest Final Quest
Lost Child (11.1) -> Rachel Sanctuary (11.1) -> Veins Siblings (11.2) -> Thor Volcano Base (11.2) -> Peace for Arunafeltz (11.3)
-> Nameless Island Entrance Quest (11.3)
Curse of Gaebolg (Founding of the Nation Myth Quest) (10.3) ->


First Quest Final Quest
Dropped Knife Quest -> Chief's Quest


First Quest Final Quest
Doctor Quest -> Poison King Quest

Tome of the Dark Lord

First Quest Second Quest Third Quest Final Quest
Lost Spirits The Lion's Roar Rekenber's Weapon The Tome of the Dark Lord
Shadow Quest (Rekenber Job Quest)

New World

First Quest Second Quest Third Quest Fourth Quest Fifth Quest Sixth Quest Final Quest
Onward to the New World Quest (13.1) -> New Surroundings (13.1) -> Attitude to the New World (13.1) -> Report from the New World (13.1) -> Ring of the Wise King (13.2) -> Two Tribes (13.2) -> Guardian of Yggdrasil (13.2)
Pursuing Rayan Moore (13.1) ->
Tripatriate Union's Feud (13.1) ->
Finding a Fairy (13.1) ->
  • Note: New Surroundings only needs to be completed up to step 5 to begin any of the subsequent quests.
  • Note 2: Only two quests out of (New Surroundings, Attitude to the New World, Pursuing Rayan Moore, Tripatriate Union's Feud) need to be completed to start Report from the New World.

Standalone Quests

  • Note: Quests in italics are repeatable.

Juno Quests

Amatsu Quests

Kunlun Quests

Umbala Quests

Nifflheim Quests

Louyang Quests

Ayothaya Quests

Transcendent Update Quests

Einbroch Quests

Lighthalzen Quests

Noghalt Quests

Hugel Quests

Rachel Quests

Veins Quests

Nameless Island Quests

Satan Morroc Quests

Moscovia Quests

Ash Vacuum Quests

Into the Unknown Quests

Other World Allied Camp




Class-specific Quests

Class Quests
Novice Novice Skill Quest Training Grounds Novice Test
Super Novice Super Novice Job Change Guide
Swordman Swordman Job Change Guide Swordman Skill Quest Swordman Training Quest
Hood Quest
Mage Mage Job Change Guide Mage Skill Quest Mage Training Quest
Archer Archer Job Change Guide Archer Skill Quest Archer Training Quest
Merchant Merchant Job Change Guide Merchant Skill Quest Merchant Training Quest
Thief Thief Job Change Guide Thief Skill Quest Thief Training Quest
Acolyte Acolyte Job Change Guide Acolyte Skill Quest Acolyte Training Quest
TaeKwon Kid TaeKwon Kid Job Change Guide
Gunslinger Gunslinger Job Change Guide
Ninja Ninja Job Change Guide
Knight Knight Job Change Guide Knight Skill Quest
Crusader Crusader Job Change Guide Crusader Skill Quest
Wizard Wizard Job Change Guide Wizard Skill Quest
Sage Sage Job Change Guide Sage Skill Quest
Hunter Hunter Job Change Guide Hunter Skill Quest
Bard Bard Job Change Guide Bard Skill Quest
Dancer Dancer Job Change Guide Dancer Skill Quest
Blacksmith Blacksmith Job Change Guide Blacksmith Skill Quest
Alchemist Alchemist Job Change Guide Alchemist Skill Quest
Assassin Assassin Job Change Guide Assassin Skill Quest
Rogue Rogue Job Change Guide Rogue Skill Quest
Priest Priest Job Change Guide Priest Skill Quest
Monk Monk Job Change Guide Monk Skill Quest
Soul Linker Soul Linker Job Change Guide
TaeKwon Master TaeKwon Master Job Change Guide

Other Quests

Also see Access Quests for a table of all the restricted areas and the quests required to access them.

iRO Event Quests & Guides