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Needs proper Skill Icon Self-Destruction
No Image Info.gif
Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 3
SP Cost: 15
HP Cost: 100%
Cast Time:  ?
Target: Self
Knock Back:  ? cells
Area of Effect: 9x9
(Vanilmirth) Evolved and Loyal

Self-Destruction (Alt: Bio Explosion) is a Homunculus exclusive offensive skill available to Vanilmirth.


Commands Vanilmirth to self-destruct, inflicting piercing damage to all enemies within the Area of Effect at cost of its Intimacy. Requires at least 450 Intimacy.

Level Damage
1 Max HP × 1.0
2 Max HP × 1.5
3 Max HP × 2.0


  • This skill disregards the accuracy check.
  • After usage, its Intimacy drops to 1 (Hate with Passion).

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