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Job Base(s): Sage
Job Type: 3-2
Race: Human
Changes At: Geffen Tower
Number of Skills: 26
Total Skill Points: 101
Total Quest Skills: 0
Job Bonuses
+4 +4 +6 +11 +9 +3


AoE Magic

Unlike their predecessors, sorcerers have the ability to do area of effect damage. Psychic Wave will be your most used area spell due to its major damage, large AoE, and and neutral element (you can "endow" your psychic wave via summons).

  • Diamond Dust (Ice element) has an average AoE, damage, and cast time.
  • Earth Grave (Earth element) has an average AoE, lower damage, and a quick cast time (has the ability to knock units out of hide/cloak).
  • Varetyr Spear (Wind element) has a smaller AoE, average damage, quick cast time, and has a short cast range (damage is affected by atk / matk and requires a target unit).

The three elemental spells are heavily based on the level of their corresponding endow.

  • Killing Cloud (Poison element) has an average AoE, damage, and cast time (requires two Red Gemstones and hits multiple times).


Sorcerers have the ability to summon elementals that have very powerful abilities to help the summoner. There are 3 levels for each element, each having a different summoning requirement (catalyst). A summons stats are directly based on that of the sorcerer (ie A high agi / flee sorcerer will create a summon with high flee). A summon has the elemental resistance of that elemental type (agni is 100% fire). Summons each have the ability to change the element of Physic Wave, change the Sorcerers Elemental Resistance (100% resist of that element), and boost certain elemental spell's damage. On top of that, each element has a speciality.

  • Fire - Used mostly for its abilty to boost the Atk of the sorcerer and increase the recovery amount of Warmer (+10%).
  • Water - Used mostly for its ability to boost the Matk of the sorcerer.
  • Wind - Used mostly for its abilty to boost ASPD, reduce total, cast time and create a defensive barrier.
  • Earth - Raises max HP and defense of the sorcerer, and can cause stun with its attacks. It is somewhat less desireable than other summons.


At first, insignias can be a little confusing and hard to use, but they can be extremely powerful. Insignias require a bit of setup and coordination and also have high skill requirements.

  • Insignias can be created of the 4 basic elements.
  • Only one of each elemental insignia can be placed at a time (insignias do not share the same cooldown).
  • Insignias are 3x3 ground enchants.
  • Each cast cost 1/2/3 Point (depending on level used), which can be bought in geffen tower (200z ea).
  • Points are Etc item, each having a different element corresponding to that insignia (Scarlet Point/Indigo Point/Lime Green Point/Yellow Wish Point).

Each insignia has 3 levels.

  • Level 1 - Boosts the ability / hp and sp regen of that corresponding elemental summon.
  • Level 2 - Changes weapons element to the insignia element (this excludes monster skills).

Any unit, friend, or monster that stands INSIDE the insignias 3x3 AoE attack will change. For example, if you are wearing fire armor, and a monster hits you while THEY are standing in a level 2 fire insignia, you will take reduced damage (Fire attack vs Fire Armor - 1/4 damage taken). If you have 100% immunity to that element, you will take 1 damage.

  • Level 3 - Increases that players elements magic damage when THEY are standing inside the insignia and additional bonuses to that element (faster cast time, more matk, etc).
  • When stacking multiple level 2 insignias on the same target, the targets attack will turn to the most recent insignia you placed on that target.
  • Each insignia has the ability to boost the counter element no matter which level you use.

For example, if you use Fire Insignia at any level, any unit INSIDE the insignias 3x3 AoE will take +50% damage to water elemental attacks.

  • Each insignia also has the ability to heal or damage 1% hp every 5s depending on their element. It will heal the same element and damage opposite element (see insignia links below for more info). This is VERY important to understand when dealing with mvps.

For example, fire insignia level 2 might seem like a good idea on ifrit because it will turn his attack to fire (tank will take less damage if he is wearing fire armor / fire resistance) and will also boost water attacks on him, but he will also heal for 1% hp every 5s (~70k hp a sec). This can be countered by also placing a water insignia (-1% hp every 5s).

Additional Examples

  • Your tank comes back with a few more monsters than he is able to handle.

If you know what armor they are using, placing a level 2 insignia on top of the monsters will reduce the damage they take by 1/4.

  • Precasting magic while standing in level 3 insignias.
  • A person, with 100% water resistance, tanking an MVP (ie drake).

Water insignia level 2 on the MVP will reduces its damage considerably and increase all incomming wind attacks by +50%.

  • Summons will take 1 damage if you place the corresponding level 2 insignia.

Job Change Guide

A Sage needs to be 99/50 in order to job change into a Sorcerer. A Scholar needs to be at least 99/60 in order to job change into a Sorcerer.

See Sorcerer Job Change Guide for detailed information.


Offensive Caster AoE

  • STR: 1-50 (weight limit, masq resist)
  • AGI: 1-50 (ASPD animation delay for smoother, faster casts, status resists)
  • VIT: 95+ (stun immunity, HP pool)
  • INT: 100-120 (primary stat for damage, silence immunity, SP pool)
  • DEX: 100-120 (variable cast time, small amounts of MATK)
  • LUK: 1-30 (small amounts of MATK, and other small bonuses)

The offensive AoE build strips itself of its former single target spell past and ascends to the utilization of magic that deals damage to multiple foes. INT is the primary attribute to increase this damage output. Since INT is directly in Sorcerers' spell formulae, each point in INT will increase damage more than an equivalent in MATK alone. High amounts are key, thus the MATK one can gain through LUK or gear is inferior to equal amounts of INT. However, MATK is still included in the skill formulae so getting a small amount of LUK is still recommended, and it also provides other bonuses like perfect dodge and status resists. Sorcerer AoE spells have a very short after cast delay, but very high reuse delay. A common practice of using AoE spells in combination is key to reach high damage output. Unlike its Warlock counterpart, Sorcerers gain very little from the global cast delay effect of Magic Strings, as individual skill reuse delays CANNOT be reduced. The variable cast time reduction effect of Magic Strings is definitely helpful however.

The Sorcerer's most powerful AoE spell is Psychic Wave, which is neutral element by default but can be changed into Fire, Water, Wind, or Earth property through Summons. The next tier spells are Diamond Dust, Earth Grave, and Varetyr Spear. Getting at least one other second tier AoE is essential for effective combos, but learning all three severely limits the other spells you can acquire. It is suggested to gain at least one Elemental Summon ally, as they can change the element of your Psychic Wave. Preferably, the Fire Spirit Agni is the best choice, due to the severe lack of fire spells. This will also increase the healing effects of Warmer, which, when used with Indulge to also recover SP, proves to be incredibly effective and can save you a ton of supplies. In addition, if you choose to use Fire Walk, that damage will also increase. Offensive Sorcerers are a good balance of offense and defense, and can achieve the 100 total VIT necessary to become immune to stun in PvP and WoE. Offensive built Sorcerers may find themselves also acting as support in many situations, including giving SP to party members and so on. It is definitely possible to build a full offensive magic DPS Sorcerer that can still provide most (if not all) of the support skills in many situations.

Primary Skills Used
Berkas:Psychic Wave.png Psychic Wave
Berkas:Diamond Dust.png Diamond Dust
Berkas:Earth Grave.png Earth Grave
Berkas:Varetyr Spear.png Varetyr Spear
Berkas:Killing Cloud.png Killing Cloud


  • STR: 1-100
  • AGI: 1-100
  • VIT: 95-120
  • INT: 40-90 (INT is now necessary due to it being in the cast time formula and Soul Exhale only giving half your current SP.)
  • DEX: 100-120
  • LUK: 30-100

The Support type is going to differ from how the Scholar class was in pre-renewal. Soul Exhale now has a 3 second fixed cast time and only gives your target half of your current SP. Gone are the days that Champions (now Suras) can be filled instantly and quickly for fast leveling. Magnetic Earth has lost some of its usefulness as many 3rd class skills bypass it. Dispell has also been given a large fixed cast time. Due to this and the lack of many new support skills, the niche that Scholars used to have has been diminished. The role has not been lost! Due to the advent of status inflicting spells such as Diamond Dust and Arrullo, the AoE healing abilities of Warmer with no catalyst cost (especially with fire summon), and the supporting skill that can be achieved through Summon skills, the Sorcerer can be a very powerful support. Striking is a great buff to ATK classes (both physical and ranged ones). Note that a support oriented Sorcerer can still opt for the AoE Sorcerer skills to provide some damage when needed, at least in the leveling phase. Stats-wise, a support Sorcerer does not necessarily differ too much from an offensive caster Sorcerer. Some players may choose to go with a complete full support build for their Sorcerers who have reached 150/50 however.

Primary Skills Used
Berkas:Fiber Lock.png Fiber Lock
Berkas:Blinding Mist.png Blinding Mist
Berkas:Safety Wall.png Safety Wall
Berkas:Soul Exhale.png Soul Exhale
Berkas:Soul Siphon.png Soul Siphon
Berkas:Dispell.png Dispell
Berkas:Indulge.png Indulge
Berkas:Arrullo.png Arrullo
Berkas:Warmer.png Warmer
Berkas:Striking.png Striking
Berkas:Extreme Vacuum.png Extreme Vacuum
Berkas:Diamond Dust.png Diamond Dust

Hindsight/Spell Fist

  • STR: 1
  • AGI: 100-120
  • VIT: 50-95
  • INT: 110-120
  • DEX: 1-50
  • LUK: 1-40

This is similar to the Hindsight Sage/Scholar build. However a Sorcerer has a new spell available to them: Spell Fist. Since this skill affects only the first number of hits, INT and MATK become more important for the initial burst damage than ASPD. The Hindsight-Bolt (Most effective with Soul Link) is then used to finish the opponent off. This build is single target oriented and so is more of a "for fun" type of build, as leveling really requires AOE. It is definitely possible to kill lower tier MVPs with this build however.

Primary Skills Used
Berkas:Spell Fist.png Spell Fist
Berkas:Hindsight.png Hindsight
Berkas:Fire Bolt.png Fire Bolt
Berkas:Cold Bolt.png Cold Bolt
Berkas:Lightning Bolt.png Lightning Bolt
Berkas:Double Bolt.png Double Bolt


Since the Sorcerer class is more versatile than its predecessors, they can wear different sets of weapons and armors.


  • 1636.png Thorn Staff of Darkness - One of the most popular choice for weapon, because you can use the malangdo enchanter and get spell enchants to reduce your variable cast time (most people opt to get at least spell 4/4) can also be used in combination with 18539.png Skull Cap [1] to get more matk, and if the weapon is +10, it reduces variable cast time by 10%
  • 2004.png Kronos - The most powerful two-handed staff a Sorcerer can wield, this weapon is a must-have for Caster Builds due to its INT and MATK bonuses. This weapon is most effective when refined up to +10, which would give a total of 8 INT.
  • 1654.png Mental Stick [1] - A cheaper alternative that can be used while youre saving up for better equipment. Can also be malangdo enchanted. Increases your psychic wave damage
  • 1565.png Ledger of Death - The deadliest Book ever made, this can potentially give the highest bonus to ASPD, which is indispensable for Hindsight-based builds.
  • 1649.png Laphine Staff - This staff is a viable weapon for those Support builds that rely on fast-cast skills.
  • 1228.png Combat Knife - A great woe & pvp weapon to use. Can be enchanted at malangdo
  • 1234.png Moonlight Dagger - A great weapon for support sorcs, because it increases their maximum sp, thus allowing them to give more sp when using Soul Exhale. Can be enchanted at malangdo



  • 5564.png Crown of Deceit [1] - A must have headgear for decreasing variable cast time, best if upgraded to +9 or more
  • 18539.png Skull Cap [1] - A must have headgear for increasing your matk, best if upgraded to +9 or more, use in combination with 1636.png Thorn Staff of Darkness for more matk, and if the staff is upgraded to +10, reduces variable cast time by 10%

Recommended cards:

4366.png Kathryne Keyron Card - for more variable cast time reductions (if you are using this card on some of these headgears, make sure it is AT LEAST +9)
4169.png Dark Illusion Card - for variable cast time reductions when youre on a budget
4412.png Isilla Card - another card you can use for variable cast time reduction when youre on a budget
  • 5778.png Turkey on Your head [1] - A great headgear you can use to increase your max sp, so you can maximize the amount of sp you can give with Soul Exhale, best if upgraded to +9 or more

Recommended cards:

4288.png Carat Card - great for increasing your max sp even further

Recommended cards:

4597.png Lichtern Blue Card - for Cold Bolt's spell fist purposes
4599.png Lichtern Red Card - for Fire Bolt's spell fist purposes
4586.png Tikbalang Card - for Lightning Bolt's spell fist purposes


Recommended cards:

4169.png Dark Illusion Card
4412.png Isilla Card



Recommended cards:

4031.png Pecopeco Card - The extra increase in hp is always nice
4409.png Agav Card - For extra damage
4585.png Mangkukulam Card - For pure Soul Exchange support
Elemental changing cards like :4105.png Marc Card, :4098.png Dokebi Card, :4099.png Pasana Card, :4119.png Bathory Card


Recommended cards:

4413.png Hodremlin Card - All around purpose card for PvM
4253.png Alice Card - A must for MvPing
Size reduction card like 4207.png Mysteltainn Card, 4254.png Ogretooth Card, 4250.png Executioner Card
Racial reduction card like 4058.png Thara Frog Card, 4136.png Khalitzburg Card, etc


  • 2554.png Nidhoggur's Shadow Garb [1] - A great defensive gear, and the max sp increase it gives is beneficial for support sorcs when giving sp via Soul Exhale, best if upgraded to +9 or more
  • 2576.png Heroic Backpack [1] - A great all around purpose garment, good for all situation , best if upgraded to +9 (just remember to have your intended stats at 90 for it to take effect)
  • 2589.png Fallen Angel wing [1] - A must have for sorcerer wishing to maximize their potential at their chosen fields (offensive, support, or Spell Fist), can be enchanted at eden kitchen (offensive sorcs can go with spell enchants, support sorcs can go with either spell enchants or max sp enchants, and Spell Fist sorc can go with aspd enchants), best if upgraded to +9

Recommended cards:

4133.png Raydric Card
4174.png Deviling Card


  • 2423.png Variant Shoes - The HP and SP bonuses can ensure a more resolute presence in WoE and PVP situations. Do NOT upgrade the item to get the most HP and SP bonus.
  • 2423.png Enhanced Variant Shoes [1] - The slotted version of variant shoes. Does not give as much hp/sp as variant shoes, but it gives extra def/mdef upon upgrade, and the slot gives it a little more versatility. Can be gotten by doing Reno's Crystal Quest on Eden 2nd Floor
  • 2433.png Diabolus Boots [1] - Great for increasing your max hp
  • 22001.png Temporal Int Boots - Great for offensive and support sorcs, as it increases matk and sp, best if enchanted with spell enchants to reduce variable cast time (offensive sorcs can opt to get Runaway Magic enchant on the boots 3rd slot)
  • 22004.png Temporal Dex Boots - Great for offensive and support sorcs, as it gives the opportunity of reducing fixed cast time, but the downside is you have to get 120 dex for it

Recommended cards:

4160.png Firelock Soldier Card
4107.png Verit Card
4381.png Green Ferus Card
4097.png Matyr Card
4100.png Sohee Card


Recommended cards:

4077.png Phen Card
4505.png Scaraba Card
4433.png Imp Card - for hindsight/ spell fist purposes
4416.png Siroma Card - for hindsight/ spell fist purposes

Shadow Equipment

As part of the Shadow Equipment obtainable via Cash Shop, these are suggested for the Sorcerer class (usually as a set).

24112.png Spellflow Shadow Armor Reduce SP Cost: 1%;
+7 Additional 1%;
+9 Additional 1% (total 3%);
  • Max HP increase: +(10*Refine Level) for each item in the set individually.
  • Prevents skill casting from being interrupted.
  • Increases the SP cost of skills by 40%.
  • Reduces the SP cost of skills by 1% per refine level of each item in the set.
24113.png Spellflow Shadow Shield Reduce SP Cost: 1%;
+7 - Max SP +1%
24111.png Spellflow Shadow Shoes Reduce SP Cost: 1%;
+7 - SP Recovery Rate: +5%

Achieving Instacast

What sets sorcerer apart from their warlock counterpart is the ability to achieve instacast, this applies to some offensive skills (like Berkas:Psychic Wave.png Psychic Wave, Berkas:Diamond Dust.png Diamond Dust) and some support skills (like Berkas:Soul Exhale.png Soul Exhale)

There are 2 things that you need to have in order to achieve instacast :


The 2 main skills that you need to have are :

Skill Skill Level Usage
Berkas:Call Ventus.png Call Ventus
1-3 The Ventus summon allows the sorcerer to reduce their fixed cast time by 1 sec. This is a huge boost considering most of sorcerers skills has a 1 sec fixed cast time on them, so using ventus means you can get rid of the fixed cast time part on some of your skills. Note that level 1 to 3 Ventus gives the same amount of fixed cast time reduction
Berkas:Spirit Control.png Spirit Control
1 In order for the summon ventus to reduce your fixed cast time, it needs to be put in passive mode, and Spirit Control level 1 puts your summoned spirit in passive mode, so dont forget to cast it before you go into a fight

Other skills that you can consider getting :

Skill Skill Level Usage
Berkas:Spirit Cure.png Spirit Cure
1 This skills allows you to cure your summoned spirit using your hp and sp. To achieve instacast you need Ventus alive and in passive mode, so making sure that Ventus last as long as possible is very helpful
Berkas:Spirit Sympathy.png Spirit Sympathy
1 This skill increases your summoned spirit max hp and sp. This skill helps in giving ventus a little bit more survivability, though not necessary


Another part of achieving instacast is the equipments you're using. Stacking variable cast time reductions is a must because your fixed cast time reductions has been taken care of by Ventus, which means you need to get some equipments enchanted, particularly with the spell enchants (please refer to the Malangdo Enchants, Fallen Angel Wing Enchants, RWC Accessory Enchants, and Temporal Boots Enchants page on how to get spell enchants). With the amount of equipments available, there are a lot of choices that you can use to reduce your variable cast time, it just amounts to whatever funds you may have and what situations you are using them for

Here are a list of equipments setups that you can use to reduce your variable cast time (note that these are just examples and not the only combinations available, you can mix and match them to suit your own needs) :

Variant 1

Equipment Note Reduction (%)
5564.png +9 Crown of Deceit [1] carded with 4366.png Kathryne Keyron Card 29
1636.png Thorn Staff of Darkness Spell 3/3 enchanted 16
2589.png +9 Fallen Angel wing [1] Spell 4/4/4 enchanted 30
2968.png RWC 2012 Pendant

or 2969.png Chambered RWC 2012 Pendant [1]

Spell 3/3 enchanted 16
2968.png RWC 2012 Pendant

or 2969.png Chambered RWC 2012 Pendant [1]

Spell 3/3 enchanted 16
Total 107

Variant 2

Equipment Note Reduction (%)
5564.png +9 Crown of Deceit [1] carded with 4366.png Kathryne Keyron Card 29
1636.png Thorn Staff of Darkness Spell 3/3 enchanted 16
2365.png Orleans's Gown [1] for uninterrupted cast -15
2589.png +9 Fallen Angel wing [1] Spell 4/4/4 enchanted 30
22001.png Temporal Int Boots Spell 4 enchanted 10
2968.png RWC 2012 Pendant

or 2969.png Chambered RWC 2012 Pendant [1]

Spell 3/3 enchanted 16
2968.png RWC 2012 Pendant

or 2969.png Chambered RWC 2012 Pendant [1]

Spell 3/3 enchanted 16
Total 102

Variant 3

Equipment Note Reduction (%)
18539.png +9 Skull Cap [1] carded with 4366.png Kathryne Keyron Card

+ combo with Thorn Staff of Darkness

2201.png Sunglasses [1] carded with 4169.png Dark Illusion Card 10
1636.png +10 Thorn Staff of Darkness Spell 4/4 enchanted 20
2365.png Orleans's Gown [1] for uninterrupted cast -15
2589.png +9 Fallen Angel wing [1] Spell 4/4/4 enchanted 30
22001.png Temporal Int Boots Spell 4 enchanted 10
2968.png RWC 2012 Pendant

or 2969.png Chambered RWC 2012 Pendant [1]

Spell 3/3 enchanted 16
2968.png RWC 2012 Pendant

or 2969.png Chambered RWC 2012 Pendant [1]

Spell 3/3 enchanted 16
Total 102

Variant 4

Equipment Note Reduction (%)
5564.png +13 Crown of Deceit [1] carded with 4366.png Kathryne Keyron Card 33
1636.png Thorn Staff of Darkness Spell 4/4 enchanted 20
2589.png +9 Fallen Angel wing [1] Spell 4/4/4 enchanted 30
22001.png Temporal Int Boots Spell 4 enchanted 10
2968.png RWC 2012 Pendant

or 2969.png Chambered RWC 2012 Pendant [1]

Spell 3/3 enchanted + carded with 4077.png Phen Card for uninterrupted cast -9
2968.png RWC 2012 Pendant

or 2969.png Chambered RWC 2012 Pendant [1]

Spell 3/3 enchanted 16
Total 100

Class Data


See Sage Skills or Scholar Skills for 2nd class Skills.

Skill Description Levels Type
Berkas:Arrullo.png Arrullo
Attempts to inflict Deep Sleep status to a target. (Only in PvP & WoE) 5 Active
Berkas:Diamond Dust.png Diamond Dust
Blasts freezing winds to deal Water property magic damage to all enemies in a 7x7~9x9 area and has a 10~30% chance to crystalize them. 5 Offensive
Berkas:Earth Grave.png Earth Grave
Fires land spikes from underneath to deal Earth property magic damage to all enemies in a 7x7~9x9 area and has a 5~25% chance to leave them bleeding. 5 Offensive
Berkas:Electric Walk.png Electric Walk
Creates lightning trail behind the user that deals Wind property damage in contact. 5 Offensive
Berkas:Extreme Vacuum.png Extreme Vacuum
Creates a whirlwind that immobilizes all enemies in a 3x3~7x7 area. 5 Active
Berkas:Fire Walk.png Fire Walk
Creates a blazing trail behind the user that deals Fire property damage in contact. 5 Offensive
Berkas:Full Throttle.png Full Throttle
Fully restores HP when cast and increases movement speed increases for the skill's duration. All stats +20%. 1 Active
Berkas:Killing Cloud.png Killing Cloud
Creates a deadly poisonous cloud to continually deal Poison property damage to all enemies in a 7x7 area and poisoning them. 5 Offensive
Berkas:Poison Burst.png Poison Burst
Detonates the poison of a target, dealing high Poison property damage in a 5x5 area around it. 5 Offensive
Berkas:Psychic Wave.png Psychic Wave
Fires a wave of psychic energy that deals 3~7 strikes, dealing Neutral property damage to all enemies in a 7x7~11x11 area. 5 Offensive
Berkas:Spell Fist.png Spell Fist
Converges Bolt damage into the user's hands for the next 2~6 Melee attacks, dealing MATK +50~250% extra damage. 5 Active
Berkas:Striking.png Striking
Increases ATK by 10~18 × target's Weapon Level. Learned Endows increase the ATK boost. 5 Supportive
Berkas:Varetyr Spear.png Varetyr Spear
Calls forth a lightning spear to deal Wind property physical and magic damage to all enemies in a 3x3~7x7 area around the target and has a 5~25% chance to stunning them. 5 Offensive
Berkas:Warmer.png Warmer
Heals all targets in a 7x7 area, cures and prevents them from Frozen, Freezing and Crystalization statuses. 5 Supportive

Elemental Spirit Skills

Skill Description Levels Type
Berkas:Elemental Action.png Elemental Action
Commands the elemental spirit to use its Offensive skill 1 Active
Berkas:Analyze Element.png Analyze Element
Reassembles and disassembles elemental ores and stones in their counterparts. 2 Active
Berkas:Spirit Control.png Spirit Control
Switches the elemental spirit to Passive / Defensive / Offensive mode or breaks the spirit. 4 Active
Berkas:Spirit Cure.png Spirit Cure
Consumes 10% of the user's HP and SP to heal the elemental spirit's HP and SP for the same amount. 1 Supportive
Berkas:Spirit Sympathy.png Spirit Sympathy
Increases the elemental spirit's Max HP and Max SP by 5~25%, ATK and MATK by 25~125 and decreases the SP Cost of summoning by 10~30%. 5 Passive
Berkas:Elemental Shield.png Elemental Shield
Create a magical barrier on the cells the caster and party members are standing on. 5 Supportive
Berkas:Call Agni.png Call Agni
Summons Agni, the Fire property elemental spirit. 3 Active
Berkas:Call Aqua.png Call Aqua
Summons Aqua, the Water property elemental spirit. 3 Active
Berkas:Call Tera.png Call Tera
Summons Tera, the Earth property elemental spirit. 3 Active
Berkas:Call Ventus.png Call Ventus
Summons Ventus, the Wind property elemental spirit. 3 Active
Berkas:Fire Insignia.png Fire Insignia
Creates a crest on the ground that boosts Fire property damage. 3 Supportive
Berkas:Earth Insignia.png Earth Insignia
Creates a crest on the ground that boosts Earth property damage. 3 Supportive
Berkas:Wind Insignia.png Wind Insignia
Creates a crest on the ground that boosts Wind property damage. 3 Supportive
Berkas:Water Insignia.png Water Insignia
Creates a crest on the ground that boosts Water property damage. 3 Supportive

Job Bonuses

Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10 +11
STR 10 11 33 53
AGI 20 21 41 55
VIT 4 14 23 32 45 57
INT 1 2 5 12 13 22 30 39 46 50 60
DEX 3 15 19 24 31 40 44 51 59
LUK 47 48 49


Equip Attack Speed From 2nd Class
Bare Handed 156 +5
Shield -5 +5
Dagger -10 −2
Rod (One Handed) -5 +5
Rod (Two Handed) -15 −5
Book -5 −7
ASPD Potions Usable
645.png Concentration
656.png Awakening
657.png Berserk

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