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Job Base(s): Monk
Job Type: 3-2
Race: Human
Changes At: Veins
Number of Skills: 22
Total Skill Points: 117
Total Quest Skills: 0
Job Bonuses
+8 +8 +6 +6 +8 +1


When Satan Morocc re-emerged, some Monks abandoned their duty as loyal servants of God and chose to seclude themselves to further develop their physical prowess. They were looked down upon as "Power Mongers," but these Monks offered no excuses for their actions. In order to control their newfound power, they lost their humanity in the process. But they never forgot their roots and continue to use their power for righteous deeds calling themselves Suras - also known as Gods of War.

Sura is the third job for Monks and Champions. Suras gain skills that Monks and Champions have been lacking: Area of Effect attacks. Suras also gain a number of new skills and perks, including the ability to begin a combo at will; unique HP/ATK buffs and recovery skills; a maximum Spirit Sphere limit of 15 and two powerful skills based on HP: Tiger Cannon and Gates of Hell. Their ability to completely incapacitate up to 14 enemies for up to 8 seconds through the use of Cursed Circle proves formidable, especially in WoE where Suras are regarded as a core disabling class and necessary in every guild.

Job Change Guide

The Sura Job Change quest is fairly simple and very short. Applicants must:

  • Kill 100 Desert Wolves
  • Survive a room filled with Monsters for 5 minutes.

See Sura Job Change Guide for detailed information.


It is recommended to use a leveling skill/stat build first, and resetting after maxing out your level or when intending to build the Sura differently at a higher level. Sura skill trees are somewhat different from other classes in that certain AoE skills are most effective at just certain level ranges, due to HP / SP, Base Level, and number of spheres available from Rising Dragon, which requires many job levels. Suras are very effective single target killers, so many of their end-game builds are specialized for killing single targets. This is also why Suras opt for a leveling build that is more AoE oriented, and reset for an endgame single target oriented build once they are 175/60.

Sky Blow Build (Leveling Build)

Sky Blow is usually best used for leveling around the levels 100-120 range. However, some players may opt for getting other leveling skills while still having Sky Blow, but this means five skill points from Sky Blow and two extra skill points from Dragon Combo would be used up.

This build focuses on using Sky Blow as your main leveling skill, accompanied by Rampage Blast and Gentle Touch Convert/Revitalize at later levels. After acquiring Sky Blow Level 5, it is recommended to max out Rising Dragon, Rampage Blast, and the Gentle Touch skill branch in that order. However, it is also plausible to max out the Gentle Touch skill branch instead of the Rising Dragon skill branch first, allowing for cheaper leveling with Revitalize.

Rampage Blast / Lightning Ride Build (Leveling Build)

Rampage Blast is a powerful AoE skill that has a long cooldown, which is best used for leveling around levels 115-150.

This skill is most effectively used to level when it is able to one-shot the targeted monsters. It is also possible to use a weaker spammable AoE (such as Lightning Ride) to finish them off if Rampage Blast falls short. Because of its long cooldown, it is best to group up many monsters during the downtime, one-shot them and repeat, while using Zen and Power Absorb to regenerate SP in the meantime. Rampage Blast absolutely requires a high level of Rising Dragon (maxed preferably) because the number of spheres multiplies directly into the final damage. Rising Dragon in conjunction with Power Absorb is also great for recovering SP, as Rampage Blast does have quite a high SP cost. This is also the reason why it is not an option for newer Suras, as Rising Dragon sits very deep within the skill tree and requires a very high job level to max out.

Tiger Cannon Build (Leveling / End-game Build)

  • STR: 90+
  • AGI: 1+ for leveling purposes; 60+ for end-game purposes
  • VIT: 100-120
  • INT: 80-100
  • DEX: 90+
  • LUK: 20-40

Tiger Cannon is a powerful AoE that doubles its damage when used in a combo. This is generally the most powerful AoE skill a Sura has, and is best for leveling from 130-150+. Some players who are more experienced or have more funds for supplies and equipment may even opt for this build when starting off as a Sura, and can use it to level up all the way to 150.

Most Tiger Cannon builds will opt to level with Flash Combo, which is a much easier and more efficient way for a Sura to level with Tiger Cannon especially at lower levels as it has the added benefit of not consuming copious amounts of HP and SP. Suras who do not wish to reset from a leveling build to an end-game build will find this build a viable leveling option starting from as early as level 100.

Note that using Tiger Cannon manually also consumes the Sura's HP and SP so it can get quite costly. It is highly recommended to have a high level of Rising Dragon to quickly regenerate SP back by using Power Absorb with it. Also, the combo timing can be tricky to pull off and requires some practice. High VIT particularly is necessary to boost Max HP, as well as +VIT or +HP% gear. Base Level contributes to damage both directly in the formula as well as providing a higher HP and SP pool.

When playing a Tiger Cannon Sura during WoE, you should always attempt to target the character with the lowest demi-human reduction, since the damage that Tiger Cannon inflicts is only calculated based on this target and is then applied to all enemies within range. While a 4302.png Tao Gunka Card may be necessary to push damage into one-shot territory, a more support-like role can still be played without one through contributing area damage and draining SP (particularly relevant against a Mechanic, as sapping their SP will reduce Suicidal Destruction damage).

Tank Build (Leveling / End-game Build)

A Sura is the best class for tanking in the game in terms of pure reductions, as they have the Monk skill, Mental Strength. A Sura is often used for tanking end-game MVPs, and can also act as a tank for parties during the PVM phase (while having the sacrifice of slower movement speed). Gentle Touch-Energy Gain is helpful for regaining spheres while tanking. Suras can even cast Gentle Touch-Revitalize onto themselves, for more damage reduction and Max HP, and this does stack with Mental Strength. Rising Dragon also increases the Sura's HP and is also helpful for regaining SP with Power Absorb.

Because of how good a Sura is at tanking, some players make their Sura purely for the purpose of tanking. However, increasing VIT beyond 100 is somewhat a waste, as the extra HP is not very significant defensively. 100 total VIT (94 base + 6 job bonus at Job Level 60) is already adequate for all tanking purposes as it grants Stun immunity. Tanking becomes more related to gear rather than purely stats at that point, and stacking more % reduction gear on the Sura is what will help tanking efficiency more so than anything else. Healing Items are also key to staying alive when tanking very hard hitting MVPs. Note that MVPs or monsters that use Dispel are usually a tanking Sura's worst enemy as it will remove Mental Strength.

Because a Tank build only has the stat requirement of 94 VIT (6 from job bonuses), often even a Sura that mostly tanks will opt for skills from other builds, with at least one AoE skill for some situations they may want to kill a group of monsters in. Thus it is almost pointless to make a "pure tank" build and it is completely fine to use any regular Sura build for tanking, provided they have 100 total VIT for stun immunity.

Please see the Sura Tactics (Tanking Tips) section for more strategies related to tanking.

Gates of Hell Build (End-game Build)

This stat build is for dealing maximum damage with Gates of Hell. Damage from Gates of Hell is largely based on four factors: Amount of HP missing, Max SP, Base Level, and ATK. Some players choose to invest in more STR, while others choose to invest in more VIT for HP. Choosing to invest in STR helps Gates of Hell do more reliable damage at Max HP, while investing in more VIT or HP equipment requires players to take the risk of being at low HP to deal amazing damage. Generally, unless the Sura is equipped with a 4302.png Tao Gunka Card, Guillotine Fist is still the most reliable killing skill (albeit with much longer downtime).

94 VIT is the minimum for Stun immunity (as at Job Level 60 the Sura will gain a bonus +6 VIT for 100 total) but many Suras opt for up to 120 VIT for the added maximum HP (especially effective when using 22003.png Temporal Vit Boots).

If one instead seeks higher DPS with Gates of Hell as opposed to burst damage, an option is to increase AGI at the cost of other stats to reduce the animation delay (ASPD reduces animation delay) of Gates of Hell when under Magic Strings and Sacrament. With the removal of both aftercast delay and animation delay along with an almost instant cast time, the only limitation faced by this build is the need for the Sura to Zen after every three Gates of Hell casts.

Pure Guillotine Fist Build (End-game Build)

Guillotine Fist, although a Monk skill, is still a very powerful single target skill, or perhaps even the single most powerful burst damage skill in the game. A high level Sura benefits from this skill even further due to the higher SP pool, more stats available for STR and INT, and more weapons and equipment available. 120 STR is recommended for more ATK and synergy with 2894.png Sura Gauntlets, and also if the player has access to 2629.png Megingjard accessories.

Knuckle Arrow Build (End-game Build)

Note: This build is not recommended for the majority of players as Gates of Hell provides much higher DPS now. However, if one possesses enough aftercast delay reduction (i.e. two 4403.png Kiel-D-01 Cards) this build provides the highest single target DPS of any Sura build by far.

This build is based on abusing Knuckle Arrow's most defining qualities: Range, Damage, and DPS. By itself, Knuckle Arrow deals decent burst damage. When accompanied by Magic Strings, Knuckle Arrow becomes spammable based on the Sura's ASPD, so high AGI is recommended for this purpose. Its 12 cell range makes it a great skill for interrupting skills with long cast times in WoE, such as Urgent Call. ATK increasing equipment is recommended for more damage.


Tanking Tips:


High level monsters tend to change target after they are hit for the first time. Because of this, a tanker Sura is not effective if the killer is not one-shotting the mob. The mob will change targets and will target the killer. Note that this is based on the first hit on the monster. To counter this, a Sura can wear equipment that will reflect damage back to the attacker (the monster). Some examples include:

With reflect equipment on, once any monster hits the Sura, the Sura will reflect a small amount of damage back to the monster, which does register as the "first hit". Therefore, the monster will not change target to anybody attacking it afterwards, and is "latched" onto the Sura. Boss protocol monsters however do not change target, unless the Sura is moving. This includes MVPs, and also non-MVP monsters that are still boss protocol such as Salamanders.


When tanking an MVP with knockback abilities in Mental Strength without a 2383.png Brynhild (or any other means of knockback prevention), to avoid the risk of being knocked around and having the monster change focus to the rest of the party it is recommended to stand against a wall.



Upper Headgear

The HP/SP boost per refine on this headgear makes it very useful for both MVP/Guillotine Fist builds as well as Tiger Cannon and Gates of Hell builds. The two most popular card options for this headgear are a 4288.png Carat card and a 4582.png Bungnisngis card.

Typically used at +9 for maximum HP and SP leech while leveling. Good for any physical damage based leveling build to save spending on consumables.

The best headgear to use when fighting Demi Human monsters or other players in PVP and WoE. Card options include 4288.png Carat card for Guillotine Fist damage, 4582.png Bungnisngis card for Tiger Cannon/Gates of Hell damage and a 4366.png Kathryne Keyron card for TC/GoH cast time reduction.

The current best headgear to use Rampage Blast and Lightning Ride, at +9 for 7% Atk and 5% ranged atk. One slot to card it with Atk+ card.

Middle Headgear

Although expensive, this midgear is useful for the INT+1 and 2 Mdef it provides. Usually slotted with an 4269.png Incubus card for Guillotine Fist damage or 4198.png Maya Purple card to detect hidden characters primarily during PVP/WoE.

A cheaper slotted midgear than the option above.

Another popular midgear option, useful for its bonus +1 to all stats.

Lower Headgear

Useful for the +5 ATK.

3% reduction against Demi-human monsters.

+30 SP boost.


Excellent for Tiger Cannon and Gates of Hell damage due to the +20% HP. Obtained via the Battlegrounds.

Set bonus with 2729.png Diabolus Ring for ATK and SP boosts for Guillotine Fist. Useful cards for this purpose include 4337.png Porcellio card and 4585.png Mangkukulam card.

One part of the WoE set along with 2485.png WoE Shoes [1] and 2587.png WoE Muffler [1] for maximum Demi-human reductions during PVP/WoE. Carded with an 4054.png Angeling card or 4047.png Ghostring card for further damage reduction, 4105.png Marc card for Freeze immunity, or 4302.png Tao Gunka Card (luxury card)


High ATK, two slots, level 3 weapon. Good for melee skills like Sky Blow, Tiger Cannon, and Guillotine Fist. Carded with 4115.png Hunter Fly cards for leveling or 4140.png Abysmal Knight cards for MVPing.

Lower ATK than Carga Mace, but can be enchanted at Malangdo for Expert Archer enchants. With Expert Archer enchants, it is generally stronger than a Carga Mace for ranged skills like Rampage Blast and Lightning Ride. Alternatively, the player can choose to enchant with Spell Enchants for reducing variable cast time for certain skills.

The weapon of choice against Demi-human targets for highest damage. Obtained via the Battlegrounds.

Mostly used for its Sacrament-like effect. Obtained via the Battlegrounds.

A purely defensive weapon for its 10% ranged damage reduction, can also be enchanted at Malangdo for Mdef enchants.

A superior Carga Mace for MVP purposes. It is a high attack Level 4 weapon and has two slots for 4140.png Abysmal Knight cards.

A new replacement for Carga Mace for MVP/Leveling purposes. Best used at +15 due its high equip atk bonus and has two slots for 4140.png Abysmal Knight cards.

A very superior mace for MVP purposes. At high refine level, this mace is able to beat 16040.png Crimson Mace [2] in the term of performance. It is a high attack Level 4 weapon and offers two slots for 4140.png Abysmal Knight cards.


Most useful all round shield for its 20% reduction from Fire, Water, Shadow, and Undead element attacks. To be carded with an appropriate racial reduction card.

A cheaper option for some races where a Valkyrja's Shield is not necessary.

Good for neutral reduction and some minor elemental reduction, although its effects require the item to be at +12 to utilise its full potential.


Usually used with high VIT enchants and combined with 22007.png Temporal Vit Boots [1] at 120 VIT to boost maximum HP. Can be carded with a 4303.png Giant Whisper card for more damage, 4589.png Jejeling card for more HP or 4133.png Raydric card/4334.png Noxious card for reductions. Wealthier players may use a 4174.png Deviling card for higher neutral reduction at the expense of elemental vulnerability.

An affordable all round PVM garment, with some elemental resistance, SP increase and SP leech for leveling purposes.

Can be enchanted for a total of 250 SP and carded with an 4402.png Aliot card to become the best garment for Guillotine Fist damage, enchanted for a total of 20% Ranged atk and carded with an 4593.png Menblatt card to become the best garment for Rampage Blast and Lightning Ride skills.

With an even stat spread this garment provides a number of useful bonuses, and at +9 provides more neutral reduction than any other garment. 4133.png Raydric card is a popular card choice, or 4174.png Deviling card to stack further neutral resistances.

One part of the WoE set along with 15048.png WoE Robe [1] and 2485.png WoE Shoes [1] for maximum Demi-human reductions during PVP/WoE. Recommended cards include either a 4133.png Raydric card or 4334.png Noxious card.


When at +9 and carded with a 4160.png Firelock Soldier card yields the highest max HP and SP value of any footgear. May also be carded with a 4100.png Sohee card for more SP for Guillotine Fist.

These boots are used in conjunction with a VIT enchanted 20718.png Giant Faceworm Snake Skin [1] at 120 VIT for highest maximum HP possible. They may be carded with either a 4160.png Firelock Soldier card for a more general use or 4381.png Green Ferus card for highly VIT focused builds.

These boots are used in conjunction with a STR enchanted 20718.png Giant Faceworm Snake Skin [1] at 120 STR for highest atk power possible. They may be carded with either a 4160.png Firelock Soldier card for a more general use or 4100.png Sohee card for Guillotine Fist focused builds.

One part of the WoE set along with 15048.png WoE Robe [1] and 2587.png WoE Muffler [1] for maximum Demi-human reductions during PVP/WoE. Usually slotted with a 4160.png Firelock Soldier card.


Cheap accessory option for carding lower valued cards in. May also be carded with a 4077.png Phen card for uninterruptible cast.

Set bonus with a 2374.png Diabolus Robe [1] for ATK and SP for Guillotine Fist.

Useful for its 10% reduction from Fire, Earth, Wind, and Water element attacks. Obtained via the Battlegrounds.

Provides max HP and ATK, with a further physical damage bonus when used with the 2772.png Glorious Ring. Obtained via the Battlegrounds.

Both may be enchanted with useful attributes such as Fighting Spirit and Spell. For WoE and PVP purposes, these are typically carded with a 4044.png Smokie card, 4991.png Kafra Blossom card for elemental reduction or 4145.png Beelzebub Card (luxury card).

Class Data


Skill Description Levels Type
Berkas:Gentle Touch-Cure.png Gentle Touch-Cure
Cures abnormal status effects and heals the target. 5 Supportive
Berkas:Gentle Touch-Convert.png Gentle Touch-Convert
Increases the ATK and ASPD of the target at the cost of reducing Max HP. 5 Supportive
Berkas:Gentle Touch-Revitalize.png Gentle Touch-Revitalize
Increases Max HP, HP regen and reduces a flat amount of damage. 5 Supportive
Berkas:Gentle Touch-Silence.png Gentle Touch-Silence
Deals damage with a high chance of inflicting Silence. 5 Supportive
Berkas:Gentle Touch-Energy Gain.png Gentle Touch-Energy Gain
Allows the gain of spirit spheres when dealing or receiving damage. 5 Supportive
Berkas:Power Absorb.png Power Absorb
Absorbs all spirit spheres in a 5x5 area and recovers SP accordingly. 1 Supportive
Berkas:Power Implantation.png Power Implantation
Transfers all spirit spheres owned to a target. 1 Supportive
Berkas:Lightning Walk.png Lightning Walk
When targeted by a ranged or magic attack, blocks the damage and moves instantly to the opponent's position by chance. Buff lasts 5~9 seconds or until activated once. 5 Supportive
Berkas:Cursed Circle.png Cursed Circle
Immobilizes and silences enemies in a 3x3~7x7 area around the caster. 5 Active
Berkas:Full Throttle.png Full Throttle
Fully restores HP when cast and increases movement speed the skill's duration. All stats +20%. 1 Active
Berkas:Crescent Elbow.png Crescent Elbow
When activated, there is a chance to reflect the damage of one enemy melee attack. 5 Offensive
Berkas:Dragon Combo.png Dragon Combo
Deals damage to the target, allowing Fallen Empire to be chained afterward. 10 Offensive
Berkas:Earth Shaker.png Earth Shaker
Deals damage in a 11x11 area, revealing and dealing additional damage to any hidden opponents. 5 Offensive
Berkas:Fallen Empire.png Fallen Empire
Deals large damage to an opponent, only usable after Dragon Combo. The target cannot move for 0.5~2.5 seconds. 5 Offensive
Berkas:Flash Combo.png Flash Combo
Autocasts Dragon Combo, Fallen Empire, Tiger Cannon, and Sky Blow in rapid succession. Adds 40~120 ATK for the duration of the skill. 5 Offensive
Berkas:Hell Gate.png Hell Gate
Consumes up to 20% SP and 5 spirit spheres to deal large damage. Damage increases when used with lower HP. 10 Offensive
Berkas:Lightning Ride.png Lightning Ride
Uses 1~5 spirit spheres to deal damage in an area. Damage increases with higher DEX or a Wind element weapon. 5 Offensive
Berkas:Lion's Howl.png Lion's Howl
Inflicts Fear status to targets in a 7~15 cell radius, and remove buffs from Maestro or Wanderer songs. 5 Offensive
Berkas:Knuckle Arrow.png Knuckle Arrow
Consumes 1 spirit sphere to attack a target from long distance, moving instantly to the target and knocking them back. Additional damage is dealt if the target hits an obstacle. 5 Offensive
Berkas:Rampage Blast.png Rampage Blast
Consumes all spirit spheres to deal damage in a 7x7 area, proportional to the number of spheres used. 5 Offensive
Berkas:Rising Dragon.png Rising Dragon
Increases maximum spirit spheres, instantly summoning the maximum amount and entering Fury status. Also increases Max HP and SP. Lasts 30~165 seconds. 10 Offensive
Berkas:Sky Blow.png Sky Blow
Deals damage in an area, knocking targets back by 3 cells. AGI increases the damage. 5 Offensive
Berkas:Tiger Cannon.png Tiger Cannon
Requires the caster to be in Fury and consumes 2 spirit spheres to deal AoE damage around the target, while consuming the caster's own HP and SP. Can be chained after Fallen Empire for additional damage. 10 Offensive
Berkas:Windmill.png Windmill
Deals damage in a 5x5 area around the caster, forcing players to sit and stunning monsters for 1~4 seconds. 1 Offensive

Job Bonuses

Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8
STR 4 5 9 16 20 30 51 59
AGI 1 10 23 24 35 43 44 53
VIT 14 15 19 31 42 56
INT 28 29 41 48 54 60
DEX 2 11 25 36 37 49 50 58
LUK 55


Equip Attack Speed From 2nd Class
Bare Handed 158 +2
Shield -5 0
Mace -5 −2
Rod (One Handed) -10 +10
Rod (Two Handed) -12 +6
Knuckle -1 −1
ASPD Potions Usable
645.png Concentration
656.png Awakening
657.png Berserk

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