Tame Ingredients

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For a list of other NPC items, go to Item Mixing.

Pet Tame Ingredients NPC and Location Map Location
659.png Her Heart
1558.png 1 Girl's Diary
901.png 1 Daenggie
Munak's Grandma
(comodo 112, 182)
629.png Singing Flower
707.png 1 Singing Plant
Penjinak Monster
Toko Peralatan Alberta
(alberta_in 100, 153)
Hunter Fly
626.png Monster Juice
702.png 1 Animal Gore
512.png 2 Apple
Orc Warrior
635.png Orc Trophy
1004.png 1 Chivalry Emblem
904.png 1 Scorpion Tail
Penjinak Monster
Toko Peralatan Izlude
(izlude_in 128, 64)
Baphomet Jr.
642.png Book of the Devil
1006.png 1 Old Magic Book
958.png 2 Horrendous Mouth
636.png No Recipient
7014.png 1 Old Portrait

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