Upgrade Weapon

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Needs proper Skill Icon Upgrade Weapon
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Type: Active Skill
Levels: 10 (Fixed)
SP Cost: 30
Target: Self
Catalyst: Upgrade Ore
(Blacksmith) Weaponry Research Lv. 10

Upgrade Weapon (Alt: Weapon Refine) is a Transcendent 2nd class active skill available as Mastersmith.


Attempts to upgrade a selected weapon. Success Rate is based on the user's Job Level.

Level Upgrade Limit
1 +1
2 +2
3 +3
4 +4
5 +5
6 +6
7 +7
8 +8
9 +9
10 +10
Weap. Lv Material
1010.png Phracon
1011.png Emveretarcon
3 ~ 4
984.png Oridecon


  • After Job Level 50, the user's Job Level increases the Success Rate by 0.5% each versus the NPC, up to 10%.
  • It is said that a 99/70 Mastersmith has better rates than a 175/50 Mechanic, where others say the game remembers your Mastersmith job level after you change to Mechanic for the sake of the skill. None of this is known for sure.
  • The desired weapon does not have to be equipped by the user in order to be upgraded via this skill, and must not be in order for it to appear on the selection menu.

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