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Castles captured by guilds participating in the War of Emperium and War of Emperium 2 spawn treasure boxes each day at exactly 12:00 AM Pacific Time. The boxes spawn in a special room only accessible by the Guild Leader through the castle NPC. Castles in each original WoE realm have one Common Treasure Box and their own individual box. On Ymir an exchange NPC Dr. Jonesy in Prontera (xx, yy) will trade 150 Witched Starsands for 1 Treasure Box.


Common Box Luina 1 Luina 2 Luina 3 Luina 4 Luina 5
Yggdrasil Seed Masamune Hat of the Sun God Corsair Brocca Turban
Yggdrasilberry Poison Knife Chain Mail Formal Suit Chain Mail Saint's Robe
Dead Branch Coronet Guard Silk Robe Shield Tights
Old Card Album Saint's Robe Mirror Shield Buckler Manteau Buckler
Tribal Solidarity Buckler Manteau Heavenly Maiden Robe Boots Muffler
Elunium Muffler Pauldron Muffler Critical Ring Shoes
Oridecon Shoes Boots Shoes Earring Necklace
Treasure Box Freya's Jewel Thor's Gauntlets Iron Maiden Wheel of the Unknown Silver Ornament


Common Box Britoniah 1 Britoniah 2 Britoniah 3 Britoniah 4 Britoniah 5
Yggdrasil Seed Book Dragon Slayer Soul Staff Gaia Sword Bazerald
Yggdrasilberry Majestic Goat Moonlight Dagger Chain Mail Crown Wizardry Staff
Dead Branch Chain Mail Zeny Knife Holy Robe Saint's Robe Grand Circlet
Old Card Album Guard Silk Robe Robe of Cast Buckler Chain Mail
Tribal Solidarity Manteau Buckler Shield Sacred Mission Guard
Elunium Survivor's Manteau Muffler Manteau Muffler Manteau
Oridecon Boots Shoes Boots Shoes Boots
Treasure Box Wrath of Valkyrie Feather of Angel Wing Cat Tread Woman's Moustache Root of Stone


Common Box Baldur 1 Baldur 2 Baldur 3 Baldur 4 Baldur 5
Yggdrasil Seed Executioner Immaterial Sword Survivor's Rod (Dex) Infiltrator Rudra Bow
Yggdrasilberry Silk Robe Sage's Diary Elven Ears Evil Wing Silk Robe
Dead Branch Thief Clothes Helm of Angel Ninja Suit Tiara Buckler
Old Card Album Buckler Chain Mail Saint's Robe Chain Mail Ancient Cape
Tribal Solidarity Muffler Shield Buckler Guard Muffler
Elunium Shoes Manteau Muffler Manteau Shoes
Oridecon Bow Thimble Boots Shoes Boots Brooch
Treasure Box Spirit of Fish Sputum of Bird Sinew of Bear Amblem of the Sun God Breath of Spirit


Common Box Valkyrie 1 Valkyrie 2 Valkyrie 3 Valkyrie 4 Valkyrie 5
Yggdrasil Seed Ice Pick Spiky Band Jeweled Sword Poll Axe Muramasa
Yggdrasilberry Baseball Cap Saint's Robe Bone Helm Dragon Wing Angel Wing
Dead Branch Chain Mail Buckler Chain Mail Survivor's Rod (Int) Kafra Band
Old Card Album Legion Plate Armor Memory Book Guard Silk Robe Chain Mail
Tribal Solidarity Shield Stone Buckler Manteau Buckler Shield
Elunium Manteau Muffler Boots Muffler Manteau
Oridecon Boots Shoes Greaves Shoes Boots
Treasure Box Snow Crystal Omen of Tempest Ripple Billow Drifting Air


Common Box Nidhoggur 1 Nidhoggur 2 Nidhoggur 3 Nidhoggur 4 Nidhoggur 5
Yggdrasil Seed Wild Beast Claw Berdysz Heart Breaker Platinum Shotel Muscle Cutter
Yggdrasilberry Healing Staff Inverse Scale Scalpel Burning Bow Icicle Fist
Dead Branch Pauldron Heavenly Maiden Robe Blood Tears Divine Cross Orc Archer Bow
Old Card Album Muffler Manteau Muffler Manteau Muffler
Tribal Solidarity Buckler Guard Buckler Shield Buckler
Elunium Saint's Robe Chain Mail Silk Robe Chain Mail Saint's Robe
Oridecon Shoes Boots Shoes Boots Shoes
Treasure Box Goddess Tear Valkyrie's Token Brynhild Armor Piece Hero's Remains Andvari's Ring


Common Box Valfreyja 1 Valfreyja 2 Valfreyja 3 Valfreyja 4 Valfreyja 5
Yggdrasil Seed Battle Hook Ahlspeiss Lich's Bone Wand Piercing Staff Lich's Bone Wand
Yggdrasilberry Frozen Bow Earth Bow Gust Bow Drill Katar Gust Bow
Dead Branch Combo Battle Glove Ulfhedinn Seismic Fist Mithril Magic Cape Seismic Fist
Old Card Album Muffler Manteau
Tribal Solidarity Buckler Guard
Elunium Chain Mail
Oridecon Shoes Boots
Treasure Box Dusk Glow Dawn Essence Cold Moonlight Hazy Starlight Cold Moonlight
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