Crusader Skill Quest

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Shrink Skill Quest

Crusader Skill Quest
Base Level: None
Job Level: None
Class: Crusader
Item(s) (Consumed): 1 Red Potion, 20 Sticky Mucus, 3 Empty Bottles, 5 Jellopy, 1 Coal, 3 Cyfar, 1 Grape, 1 Unripe Apple
Quest Reward(s): Ability to use Shrink
1. Talk to Ford in Geffen and you'll be asked to find a Soldier (gef_fild13 297,242).

2. Prepare 1 Red Potion for the soldier and return to Ford for further help.

3. Proceed to the Prontera Church to find Arther Pastor for assistance to cure the soldier.

4. Collect 20 Sticky Mucus, 3 Empty Bottles, 5 Jellopy, 1 Coal, 1 Grape, 3 Cyfar and 1 Unripe Apple to prepare an antidote.

5. Race the antidote back to the Soldier to cure him. If you fail, return to Arther Pastor for another antidote.You will not need any additional items.

6. Once successful, you'll be taught Shrink.

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