Doctor Quest

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Doctor Quest
Base Level: 40
Item(s) (Consumed): 2 Leopard Claw, 10 Solid Peach, 5 Poisonous Toad Skin, 20 Brown Root, 10 Sprout, 5 Honey Pot
Base Experience: 10,000 -OR- 30,000
Item(s): 2 Pilule -OR- 5 Pilule

Note: You can talk to the Representative next to the town Kafra and have him mark your mini-map with the locations of the Hospital, Tool Shop, and City Hall.

1. Look for Doctor Hua Tuo in the Louyang Hospital (261,93) and establish a conversation.

2. Accept Hua Tuo's request and he will ask you to get the medicine from the Tool Shop.

3. Proceed to the Tool Shop (138,99) to talk to the Tool Shop Owner. Tell the Tool Shop Master - Wang Chuiyi about your quest and he will ask you to look for the item in the Storage building (127,118) located up and a bit to the left when you exit the Tool Shop.

4. Look for the Storage Keeper - Jiang Xiayou and talk to him.

5a. Jiang Xiayou will ask you to look up a document at City Hall. Accept his request and take specific note of the document he is asking for. So far the requests he has made were for:

  • Residence Transfer Application
  • Sandy Dust Phenomenon Report
  • Summer SAT Class Application
  • Communication Proposal

5b. If you refuse to help him, he'll tell you to search for the medicine on your own. He won't help you from that point on, even if you talk to him again. You'll then have to keep talking to the storage piles in the warehouse again and again, untill you find the medicine, which may take a very long time. Once you found the medicine, you can continue the quest with step 10.

6. Go to City Hall (309,78) and talk to the City Hall Officer - Jin Chiyuan (right and down around the corner).

7. Jin Chiyuan will ask for zeny to speed up the processing of your documents (10,000 Zeny is lowest that works).

8. Find Huang Zhishu on the 2nd floor and tell him that you're there for the document. Enter the correct name of the document (See step 5) and he'll find it for you.

9. Return the document to Jiang Xiayou at the Storage building (127,118) and you will receive the medicine you were asked to obtain.

10. Bring the goods to Doctor Hua Tuo and he’ll ask for another favor. You can accept or refuse the request.

11a. If you refuse the request, Hua Tuo will give you 2 Pilule, and the quest ends.

11b. If you accept the request, Hua Tuo will ask you to collect the following items:

12b. Once you collected all these items the quest ends, and you will be given 5 Pilule and some EXP.