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Parties are small groups of players (maximum of 12) for the purpose of easier leveling and companionship. To create a party, use the /organize "Name" command. You must have the Novice Basic Skill level 7 to create a party. Players can join a party at any level. The person who creates the party becomes the Party Leader. The Party Leader can remotely invite people to the party (they don't have to be on the same screen or even the same map) using the /invite command. (Usage: /invite "<name>")

Setup Options

Item Setup

Item setup can only be set when the party is created. If you want to change this, the party will have to be remade.

  • Each Take - Items can be picked up first by the person that killed the monster.
  • Party Share - Items can be equally picked up by all party members.
  • Individual - Items picked up go to the person that picked it up.
  • Shared - Items picked up randomly go to one of the party members.

Experience Setup

Pengaturan Experience dapat diganti kapan saja asalkan ketua party masih online dan anggota party memiliki Base Level dengan selisih 15 level dari level terendah dan tertinggi.

  • Masing-masing - Anggota party akan mendapatkan EXP sesuai dengan damage yang diberikan oleh masing-masing pemain.
  • Sama-rata - Anggota party akan berbagi EXP. Misalnya seorang Wizard berbagi EXP dengan seorang Priest dan Monk, experience yang didapatkan akan diperoleh oleh semua anggota party dari monster yang dibunuh dengan nilai yang sama.

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