God Item Creation

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God Item Creation
Base Level:
Item(s) (Consumed): 50 of each of the four Seal Stones and the ingredients for the desired God item
Quest Prerequisite(s): each seal of the God Items Quest must be completed more than 99 times
Item(s): One of the four God items (Mjolnir, Sleipnir, Brisingamen, or Megingjard)

Note: You need to be a Guild Leader and have access to one of the WoE 1 Guild Dungeons in order to start this quest. It is recommended to bring allies to complete this quest since you will be competing in PvP enabled maps against other guilds trying to create their God Item.

1. When the 4 Seals are all Released, a Server Message says "All the Seals have been Released" or "The [Some Seal] Seal along with all the Seals have been released."

2. There is a Dwarf NPC in each Guild Dungeon named Granburti. Talk to him.

3. In exchange for 50 of each of the Token of Mjolnir, Sleipnir, Brisingamen and Megingjard (200 Tokens in total), you will unlock the God Item Creation Event for the server.

  • Upon turning in the seal tokens a guild leader will receive four kill quests, one for each monster.
  • You will have access to a new Guild Dungeon (a clone of the Ice Dungeon 3 map) for the duration of the quest.
  • Any one will be able to access the new Guild Dungeon via the dwarves on the old guild dungeon maps.
  • Four different monsters unique to this map will spawn. 100 of each must be killed in order to complete the kill count quest.
  • Any guild leader will be able to turn in a set of 50 seal tokens from each seal in order to receive the kill quests as well.

4. Once you complete all four kill quests you will need to kill a portal guardian found at the center of the map.

5. Killing the boss will open access to the creation dwarf for a few minutes. Any guild leader with the kill count completed can now created a God Item as long as Seal power is 1 or higher.

Note: If you fail to create your god item during the event your kill count quest will be reset. You can either wait for another guild to start the event or turn in another 50 seal token sets to start the event again.

God Items Ingredients

God Item Ingredients
2410.png Sleipnir
7079.png 5 Feather of Angel Wing
7086.png 4 Amblem of the Sun God
7076.png 3 Wheel of the Unknown
7087.png 3 Breath of Spirit
7083.png 3 Spirit of Fish
969.png 20 Gold
985.png 10 Elunium
2406.png 1 Boots
2629.png Megingjard
7058.png 1 Gleipnir
969.png 20 Gold
726.png 10 Sapphire
984.png 10 Oridecon
2627.png 1 Belt
7058.png Gleipnir
(see God Items Quest for Gleipnir's creation)
7080.png 4 Cat Tread
7081.png 5 Woman's Moustache
7082.png 4 Root of Stone
7084.png 3 Sputum of Bird
7085.png 3 Sinew of Bear
2630.png Brisingamen
7073.png 4 Freyja's Jewel
7077.png 4 Silver Ornament
7092.png 3 Drifting Air
7090.png 3 Ripple
7088.png 3 Snow Crystal
969.png 20 Gold
726.png 2 Sapphire
724.png 5 Cursed Ruby
727.png 10 Opal
722.png 3 Pearl
2603.png 1 Necklace
1530.png Mjolnir
7074.png 2 Thor's Gauntlet
7075.png 4 Iron Maiden
7078.png 5 Wrath of Valkyrie
7091.png 5 Billow
7089.png 5 Omen of Tempest
969.png 40 Gold
985.png 5 Elunium
984.png 20 Oridecon
1522.png 1 Stunner
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