Mild Wind

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Needs proper Skill Icon Mild Wind
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Type: Active Skill
Levels: 7 (Selectable)
SP Cost: 20/50
Duration: 10 min
Target: Self
Kihop Lv. 5, Peaceful Break Lv. 5, Happy Break Lv. 5

Skill Description

Endows players weapon (or fists) with an element based on the level of Mild Wind used. Also effects the element of Soul Linker's Estun, Estin, and Esma.

Level SP Cost Element
1 20 Earth
2 20 Wind
3 20 Water
4 20 Fire
5 50 Ghost
6 50 Dark
7 50 Holy


  • This skill activates like Endure, where using the skill automatically endows the level you used (as opposed to enchant poison, which forces you to choose a target). Thus, to endow different elements, you must hotkey the different levels of Mild Wind.
  • Overrides Enchant Poison's element change, but keeps its chance of inflicting poison status. However, if enchant poison expires before mild wind does, your element returns to neutral.
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